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Fortnite Gamers Suffer Meltdowns, “Trauma” and “Withdrawal Symptoms” After Blackout Event


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$3,000 Custom Nike ‘Jesus Shoes’ Filled With Holy Water Sell Out in Minutes

These custom Nike shoes have actual holy water inside!...

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Kansas Girl, 13, Charged With Felony for Making “Gun-Like Hand Gesture” Toward Classmates

(TMU) – A 13-year-old girl in Overland Park, Kansas, was arrested last month...

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DJ Zedd Claims He Was ‘Permanently Banned From China’ For Liking a South Park Tweet

(TMU) – High-profile DJ and music producer Zedd has been permanently banned ...

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Joker FBI

FBI Says They Are Closely Monitoring Social Media Posts About “Joker”

The FBI has received anonymous tips about "unspecific mass shootings" related to t...

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Russian Man Sues Apple iPhone Gay

Russian Man Sues Apple Claiming His iPhone Turned Him Gay

This puts a brand-new twist on Apple’s promotion of the iPhone as “the world...

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Fireball Chile

Scientists Baffled as Unidentified Object Falls From the Sky and Ignites a Number of Fires

Authorities have already ruled out the possibility that the strange fires were sta...

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Man Sets Wildfires

Man Flies to California, Sets 13 Wildfires Near the Bay Area, Then Tries to Fly Home

“The fires were set with a lighter, setting paper on fire and throwing it out th...

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Army Joker

US Army Warns of Potential “Incel” Violence at “Joker” Movie Screenings

The U.S. Army is worried about a potential mass shooting during the theatrical rel...