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Three Boys Provoked Black Widow Spider To Bite Them So They Could Turn Into Spider-Man


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Latest DMT Study Addresses Eerie Prevalence of Hallucinations of ‘Interdimensional Entities’

The study involved surveying over 2,000 DMT users, the majority of whom claimed to...

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The Bizarre Story of the Blue-Skinned Family From Kentucky

The Fugates, a blue-skinned family from the hills of Kentucky has attracted and ba...

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No, Scientists May Not Have Discovered Evidence of Parallel Universe Where Time Flows Backward

Update: This discovery in Antarctica may or may not represent the first evidence o...

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One Of Epstein’s Victims Painted His Co-Conspirator As An FBI-Protected Lizard Person

Her most recent painting, “FBI diagram,” depicts a dead Jeffrey Epstein in a f...

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Two Guys Caught Shoplifting From Convenience Store With Watermelons Over Their Heads

One of the 20-year-old Virginia shoplifters is in a sticky situation and has been ...

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Sister Of Ahmaud Arbery’s Killer Posted Photo Of His Body To Snapchat

New reports have revealed that the sister and daughter of the men charged with kil...

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Man Spends 3 Months At Sea And Returns To A Changed World

The world has changed a lot in the past few months....

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US Military Says UFO In Navy Video Was “Size of A Suitcase” and Traveling 19,000 MPH

This year, the Pentagon confirmed the existence of the videos, which show the so-c...