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Jeffrey Epstein Had Secret Ex-Girlfriend Who Writes Children’s Books And Hosts Meditations


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Scientists Resurrect 100-Million-Year-Old Life Buried Under Seafloor Since Dinosaur Age

Researchers found that by simply adding food they were able to ressurect bacteria ...

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Photos Of Stephen Hawking on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island Subject Of New Court Order

A few photos of Stephen Hawking on Epstein's private island surfaced in the media....

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Records Of Prince Andrew’s Location On Night Of Molestation Destroyed By Police

Authorities have destroyed evidence that could have revealed where Prince Andrew w...

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Black Holes Contain Photon Rings That Record “Movies ” Of Cosmic History

A new paper claims that black holes retain a kind of photon-based record of space-...

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Inmates had to clean and polish the floors of Ghislaine Maxwell’s cell

She also gets more recreational time than the other inmates....

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Florida Man Busted Scamming $3.9 Million In Covid Relief Funds And Buying Lamborghini

A man was arrested after he was caught scamming the COVID relief fund out of $3.9 ...

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Anti-Mask Woman Commands “Demons” to Leave Grocery Aisle “In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name”

“I said get off this aisle,” the woman screams. “I command you in Jesus Chri...

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Someone Is Sending Packets Of LSD To Police Department – Cops Say Its An “Attack”

The golden packages were labeled with the phrase "Take a trip beyond the pigpen....