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TV Preacher Kenneth Copeland Claims to “Blow” Coronavirus Away in Ridiculous Sermon


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Cow Urine COVID-19

People in India Claim Cow Urine Prevents COVID-19 as Muslims Blamed for “Corona Jihad”

The consumption of cow urine is being touted for its alleged immunity-boosting pro...

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Goldman Sachs Buys 2 Luxury Private Jets As Main Street On Verge Of Collapse

(ZH) – This is definitely not a good look. At a time when the federal govern...

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Gamer Projects Mario Cart Onto Neighboring Apartment During Lockdown

He played classic games like Mario Kart and Bubble Bobble for his whole neighborho...

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Medical Fetish

Medical Fetish Donated Entire Supply of Disposable Scrubs to UK Hospital Workers

A fetish website based in the UK donated its entire stock of disposable medical sc...

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Empire State Building Siren

‘Red Beacon of Doom’: New Yorkers Alarmed by ‘Nightmare’ Empire State Building Siren

The tribute came across to many New Yorkers as ominous, unsettling, and just plain...

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Person Filmed Sneaking Down Street Dressed as a Bush During Quarantine

People are doing some very strange things to keep themselves occupied during the c...

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Tiger King

Joe Exotic “Tiger King” Files $94 Million Civil Rights Lawsuit From Prison

According to Netflix, Tiger King is the number one most-watched show in the U.S. r...

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FBI Home Fitness Test

“Nice Try, FBI”: Stay Fit While Quarantined With The Government’s Home Fitness App

Looking to stay fit? The FBI has an app for that....