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Scientists Have Discovered 8 New Mysterious Signals Coming From Deep Space


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Epstein Tapes Emerge: Dead Pedophile Describes His Lifestyle in Unearthed Recordings

(ZH) — In 2003, Jeffrey Epstein sat for five hours to give a rare interview with...

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Jeffrey Epstein Death 4chan

Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Was Reported on 4Chan Before Anywhere Else

40 minutes before the first media announcement of Jeffrey Epstein's death, someo...

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Storm Area 51 Event

Something Huge Seems to Have Happened Around Area 51 Over the Weekend

This weekend's activity near Area 51 was described as "unusual" and is speculated ...

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Straight Pride Organizer Racist Group

Watch: ‘Straight Pride’ Organizer Says They’re a “Totally Peaceful Racist Group”

Don Grundmann accidentally admitted that his National Straight Pride Coalition is ...

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NASA Plane San Andreas Fault

NASA Plane Flying Low Over San Andreas Fault Sparks Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theorists want to know why the plane was zig-zagging over the San Andre...

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Kill Iguanas "Whenever Possible"

Florida Told People to Shoot Iguanas on Sight — Then They Actually Started Doing It

Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Commission is having second thoughts about a directi...

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Bishop Anal Sex Gay Men

Bishop Claims Men Are Gay Because Their Mom Enjoyed Anal Sex While Pregnant

"It happens during the parent’s intercourse or pregnancy. It follows an abnormal...

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Storm Area 51 Event

How the “Storm Area 51” Event Could Actually Succeed — but Not How You Think

Storm Area 51 has the potential to be a disruptive new form of mass civil disobedi...