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Otherwise healthy man suddenly dies from overdose of Black Licorice candy


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New terrifying deep-sea creatures discovered that are so ultra-black they absorb virtually all light

These deep-sea creatures that have developed such ultra black skin that it is bein...

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Endangered Orcas Have Begun Surrounding And Attacking Boats This Summer

Numerous cases of Orcas ramming boats have been reported, and some experts suggest...

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After Banning TikTok, Trump Sets His Eyes on Fortnite And League of Legends

Two of the largest video games in the world, "Fortnite" and "League of Legends," h...

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Tesla driver busted driving 93 MPH in Autopilot while fully reclined and sound asleep

Police have filed charges against a Tesla driver who they pulled over driving at 9...

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This Physicist Is Arguing the Entire Universe May Be One Giant Neural Network

This physics professor has an idea that he openly admits is "crazy." But, crazy or...

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US Army researchers creating robot tech directly inspired by T-1000 villain from Terminator 2

Researchers for the U.S. Army are hoping to formulate a new shape-shifting materia...

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AI Is Writing A Play About ‘The Birth of Robotics’ And Human Writers Should Be Worried

The future is going to be a wild place....

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A US Military Helicopter Flying Over Virginia Was Shot At, Injuring The Pilot

(TMU) – A US military helicopter that was flying over Manassas, Virginia, wa...