Is Your Cat in Pain? Its Facial Expression May Hold a Clue


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Mouse-Size Deer

‘Extinct’ Mouse-Sized Deer Spotted for the First Time Since Disappearing in 1990

“For so long, this species has seemingly only existed as part of our imagination...

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Shelter Cat Solitary Confinement

Cat Locked Up in Solitary Confinement for “Repeatedly” Letting Other Cats Out of Shelter

Quilty the cat continuously freed other cats from their enclosures “repeatedly, ...

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Yelling at Dog

Study Shows That Yelling at Your Dog Can Lead to Long-Term Trauma, Stress

Don't yell at your dog!...

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Fake Rhino Horns

Scientists Create Fake Rhino Horn to Ruin Black Market and Save Species

Scientists were able to create convincing fake rhino horn by gluing together cheap...

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Cockroaches Ear

Family of Cockroaches Found Living Inside Man’s Ear Thanks to One Bad Habit

“I discovered more than 10 cockroach babies inside. They were already running ar...

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Monarch Butterfly

Great News! This Year’s Monarch Butterfly Migration Shows a Rebounding Population

The beloved monarch butterfly is arriving in greater numbers than ever expected....

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Dog Talk

This Dog is Learning to Talk “Similar to a 2-Year-Old Child” by Using a Custom Soundboard

The device has been such a success that the dog now knows 29 words and can even st...

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Sleeping Octopus

Watch This Sleeping Octopus Change Colors and Patterns as It Dreams

Incredible footage shows an octopus, seemingly dreaming, change colors as she lays...