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Thousands of Strange ‘Penis Fish’ Wash Ashore on California Beach


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Grandmother Orcas Boost Survival Rates of Their Grandchildren, Study Finds

Humans aren't the only species that rely on grandmothers to watch the kids....

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Hemp Bees

Planting More Hemp Could Help Maintain Bee Populations, Study Suggests

Hemp plants produce a large amount of pollen just when bees need it the most....

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Michigan Hunters Donate Meat Feed Hungry People

Michigan Hunters Donate 58,000 lbs of Meat and $100,000 to Feed 232,000 Hungry People

"Meat is something food banks, food pantries and shelters can never get enough of ...

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Hermit Crabs Killed

Half-Million Hermit Crabs Killed by Plastic Waste on Remote Islands, Sparking Fears of Global Tragedy

The tragic mass mortality event has researchers fearing the worst on a global scal...

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle Smashes Through Window of Tax Office and Flies Off

The eagle struck the glass sometime Monday morning, leaving a hole nearly three fe...

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Dog Turns on Microwave, Starts House Fire

Dog Turns on Microwave, Accidentally Starts House Fire

Left home alone, the dog was somehow able to switch on a microwave filled with foo...

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Koalas Australian Fires

As Australia Bushfires Rage, People Knit Mittens for Burnt Koalas and Raise Nearly $2 Million in Aid

Even when koalas manage to survive the fires, chances are high that they scorched ...

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Dead Coral Reefs

Scientists Are Playing Sounds Underwater to Bring Dead Coral Reefs Back to Life

Scientists have discovered an ingenious way to restore life to the dead patches of...