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Famous matador is gored directly in the butt after stabbing it during bullfight


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Scientists use satellites to discover hidden colonies of penguins across Antarctica

The discovery of these new colonies of reveals both good and bad news for emperor ...


These Guinea Pigs Have The Strangest Yet Most Majestic Hair & We Want One

Guinea Pigs are not only rich in personality, but some also sport beautiful coats ...

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Cat escapes maximum security prison after being caught smuggling heroin and SIM cards

A cat that was being incarcerated at a major prison in Sri Lanka after being disco...

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‘Inseperable Couple’ of Elderly Lions Put to Sleep Together So Their Last Days Aren’t Spent Alone

A pair of African lions, Hubert and Kalisa, were put to sleep together at the Los ...

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Baboons prowl UK safari park ‘carrying knives and chainsaws,’ stirring rumors of chaos

Workers at a popular safari park are on edge after baboons were spotted wielding t...

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Dog Owner Builds A Doggie Stairlift For Her Three Elderly Rescued Pugs

An occupational therapist from New Orleans thought of a great idea of how to help ...


A Wildlife Photographer Waited 6 Days For This Perfect Leopard & Black Panther “Shadow” Shot

Viewers were enthralled by his photograph of a leopard with a black panther standi...

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Australia fires impacted 3 BILLION animals in “one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history”

Nearly three billion animals were killed or displaced by Australia's devastating b...