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3 Billion Birds Have Disappeared From North America, Scientists Say


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Rarest Fish

One of North America’s Rarest Fish Makes Incredible Comeback From Edge of Extinction

"This is a huge and historic moment,” a California Fish and Wildlife spokesman s...

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Tigers Rescued

Over Half of the 147 Tigers Rescued From Buddhist Temple Have Died in Government Custody

Authorities are saying that excessive inbreeding destroyed their immune systems....

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Pregnant, Starving Orangutan Clings Tree

Pregnant, Starving Orangutan Clings to Final Tree as Bulldozers Destroy Her Rainforest Home

The orangutan population has been driven to the brink of extinction by human activ...

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Animal Testing EPA

EPA to Eliminate Animal Testing and Fund Research for More Humane Methods

However, critics argue the move will benefit corporations who want the government ...

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Circus Elephants

Denmark Buys Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants So They Can Retire

Denmark has purchased the country’s last circus elephants to ensure that they en...

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Mama Dolphin

Video Shows Mama Dolphin Jump for Joy After Fishermen Release Her Baby

The heartwarming video shows how human beings and dolphins can bond like few other...

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Flirty Horse Boards American Airlines Flight

‘Flirty’ the Mini Service Horse Boards American Airlines Flight, Delighting Passengers and Crew

Many have confused her with an emotional support horse, but Flirty is a service an...

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Human-Monkey Hybrid

Scientists Say They’ve Created the World’s First Human-Monkey Hybrid

Scientists created the human-monkey hybrid in China to avoid regulations against t...