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Scientists Confused by Hundreds of Dead Elephants in Mysterious Mass Die-Off



It Turns Out Some Owls Sleep With Their Faces Down And Here Are Some Pics

Owls are mysterious and interesting birds....

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Thai Residents Hide Indoors as Huge Gangs of Monkeys Plunge City Into Orgy of Sex and Violence

(TMU) – It’s been over four months since much of the world went into lockd...

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Puppy Love: Incredible Video Shows Dog and Dolphin Playing Together at the Beach

A video showing a dolphin playing a game of chase with a dog in the shallow coasta...

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Mother Swan Dies of “Broken Heart” After Vandals Smash Her Nest and Crush Eggs With Bricks

A majestic mother swan has apparently “died of a broken heart” after her cygne...

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Migaloo: The Ultra Rare Albino Humpback Whale Was Just Spotted Off Australian Coast

Migaloo, the all-white, and arguably the most famous humpback in the world, was sp...

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Rescuers Save a Baby Lion Who Had Legs Broken To Take Pictures With Tourists

A photographer took a baby lion cub from his mother and used the cub to pose with ...

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Sex-Crazed Tortoise Who Saved His Entire Species From Extinction Has Retired

After fathering hundreds and 'saving its species from extinction' a sex-crazed tor...


Woman Takes Award-Winning Photos of Hardworking Ants In Her Garden Using a Smartphone

Using her cell phone, Analiza spent hours taking pictures of ants walking along a ...