Adorable Country Mouse ‘Passes Out’ After Munching On Cannabis Leaves


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New terrifying deep-sea creatures discovered that are so ultra-black they absorb virtually all light

These deep-sea creatures that have developed such ultra black skin that it is bein...

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Endangered Orcas Have Begun Surrounding And Attacking Boats This Summer

Numerous cases of Orcas ramming boats have been reported, and some experts suggest...

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Hikers stumble into bear eating a man at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

A group hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park had a gut-wrenching...

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“Hundreds of thousands, if not millions” of migratory birds drop dead across New Mexico

Wildlife experts are looking at the smoke from wildfires across western states as ...

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As toxic wildfire smoke chokes West Coast, bird populations have gone missing

Bird lovers in California are realizing that many birds are simply disappearing or...

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In aftermath of Hurricane Laura, thick mosquito swarms kill hundreds of Louisiana cattle

In the aftermath of Hurricane Laura, massive swarms of mosquitos have killed huge ...

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World’s largest mammoth graveyard found near Mexico City with over 200 skeletons from Ice Age

Archaeologists have stumbled on the world’s largest graveyard of mammoths....

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World’s rarest great ape, discovered 3 years ago, is fast being wiped out by British firm’s goldmine

It is feared that the rarest great ape species on the planet could soon be made ex...