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Rammstein Members Kiss During Moscow Show Defying Anti-LGBT Laws


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Bernie Sanders Cardi B

Bernie Sanders’ Secret Weapon? Senator Gets Support From Triple Platinum Rapper Cardi B

Bernie Sanders may have found a secret weapon that could win him the democratic no...

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Playlist CIA Torture

See the Playlist Used by the CIA to Torture Detainees

According to declassified reports, video evidence and testimony from whistleblowe...

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Thousands Of Prodigy Fans Throw Massive Rave In The Streets At Keith Flint’s Funeral

Fans of the late Prodigy frontman Keith Flint were invited to follow behind the fu...

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DEA Looking for a Contractor Who Can Burn 1,000 Pounds of Cannabis Per Hour

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is recruiting contractors to burn large volumes ...

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Death Metal Inspires Joy

Study Shows Death Metal Inspires Joy, Not Violence, and Fans Are Nice People

For most people, it would seem counter-intuitive to suggest that fans of the death...

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12-Year-Old Rapper Facing Felony Charges for Selling His Mixtape at the Mall

Twelve-year-old Corey Jackson appeared in court this week to face felony charges o...

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TSA Agents Uncensored Music

Unpaid TSA Agents, No Longer Giving a Fuck, Blast Uncensored Rap Music in Airport

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has taken the spotlight in the mi...

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NZ Government Embraces Penalty-Free Drug Testing At Music Festivals

The government of New Zealand is making a bold move. The country is embracing the ...