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Mark Zuckerberg is Destroying Facebook, Harvard Expert Says



This article contains some commentary that can be considered opinion.

According to senior fellow at Harvard Business School Bill George, Mark Zuckerberg’s biggest opponent is.. Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook, which has now morphed into “Meta”.

“I think Facebook is not going to do well as long as he’s there,” George told CNBC Make It. “He’s likely one of the reasons so many people are turning away from the company. He’s really lost his way.”

According to CNBC, George just just wrote a book on “genuine” leadership, in which he identifies five distinct sorts of poor boss conduct that may bring an entire firm to its knees. According to the individual from Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg may be placed into three of these five groups. Yikes.

First, there’s the “rationalizer,” or the person who points the finger at others for their problems and setbacks. This type of person is exemplified by Zuck’s assertion earlier this year that competitors were to responsible for Facebook’s record-shattering valuation losses, instead of Facebook’s own difficulties in adjusting to new circumstances and staying relevant.

The second kind of person is the “loner,” who refuses to listen to other people’s opinions.

The last thing that George says about the Meta CEO is that he is a “glory seeker,” meaning that he values status and money above anything else.

The “sword man” may be considered by us as the 4th, which is a leader that displays poor manager behavior by threatening workers with swords, which Zuck has been said to do on occasion.

The 5th, which is the most important that we will personally add to this list, is the totally abysmal treatment of content creators, who have helped make the platform what it is.

Facebook is making it harder and harder every day for content creators, some who have built businesses on the platform for over a decade, to continue staying in business due to a drastic and unnecessary fall in page reach, over 70% to 80%, in just a few years, due to the the greed and seemingly insatiable penchant for censorship by the company.

Lastly is Facebook’s completely arbitrary community standard rules that seem to apply only to some pages and not others who do the same thing. Facebook seemingly wants to tell you who is ok to follow, rather than you controlling what you see in your own feed.

People are capable of change, but when they are financially rewarded for their poor conduct with billions of dollars, they seldom make the effort to change. Even though Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is fond of saying that human connection is the site’s primary purpose, the site’s spiritual ancestor was really a digital forum in which users ranked the appearance of women.

According to a number of assessments from experts and users alike, Zuckerberg has not always been the ideal leader. Maybe it’s time for change around here.

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