Mandy Froelich

Journalist & Author

I'm an RHN, plant-based chef, journalist, Reiki master therapist, world traveler and enthusiast of everything to do with animal rights, sustainability, cannabis and conscious living. I share healthy recipes on my blog Life in Bloom.

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Bizarre Forest ‘Superorganism’ Keeping Trees Alive That Should Be Dead, Study Finds

The new information “dramatically changes our view of forest ecosystems as ‘su...

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Glow-in-the-Dark Shark

Tiny, Glow-in-the-Dark Shark Discovered Off the Coast of Mexico

The small shark was discovered in the Gulf of Mexico and glows in the dark....

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Pilot Whales Found Dead Iceland

Dozens of Pilot Whales Mysteriously Found Dead on Remote Beach in Iceland

At least 50 dead pilot whales were spotted by a helicopter flying over western Ice...

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Population Has Already Doubled in 2019 for One of New Zealand’s Rarest Birds

The population of New Zealand’s most endangered forest bird species—the orange...

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Plastic Items Air New Zealand

Airline to Remove 55 Million Single-Use Plastic Items From Flights

Air New Zealand is eliminating nearly 55 million single-use plastic items from its...

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Look Like Your Cat

You Can Now Look Just Like Your Cat for $2,715

A team of skilled sculptors will use your cat photo to develop a 3D mold covered i...

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Drunk Man Baby Bird Uber

Drunk Man Saves Baby Bird’s Life by Paying Uber to Bring It to Rescue Center

The man who "had a few too many" sent the bird in an Uber to the Wildlife Rehabili...

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This Supermarket Found a Hilarious Way to Shame Customers into Using Reusable Bags

(TMU) — In many grocery stores, customers who forget to bring reusable bags ha...