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EXCLUSIVE: Sister Kate (Weed Nun) on the Divine Feminine and the REAL Holy Trinity



Raise your hand if you’ve heard of Sister Kate of the Sisters of the Valley. The bad-ass activist, who was formerly known as Sister Occupy (and still is to some), founded the organization which grows CBD-rich strains of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Located near Merced, California, the 1-acre property exists as an oasis and education center for a handful of women who call themselves nuns but aren’t associated with any religion.

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sister Kate (Christine Meeusen) to pick her brain about the women’s work. As our conversation evolved, she dropped copious amounts of wisdom on the subjects of marijuana, the divine feminine, and how the mainstream media continues to re-hash a lie about cannabis being a “Holy Trinity.”

Watch the interview below:

A recap:

The Sisters of the Valley farm was founded in 2014, shortly after Sister Kate became known as “Sister Occupy.” During our interview, she relayed that she donned a nun’s habit in response to authorities declaring pizza (due to the tomato sauce) a vegetable. According to her, the development was further evidence of America being a conquered and oppressed nation.

She said,

“I learned from my travels in Europe that you learn to tell the difference between a conquered nation and the conquerers. Go to where the people are conquered, and you see a shabby version of the conquerers.”

After leaving Europe following a messy divorce, “America looked to me like a conquered people,” she said. “We dress like a conquered people, we act like a conquered people. Also, the sign of a conquered people is that you fight against your leadership instead of with it.”

“I was very disgusted,” she added.

When Sister Kate joined the Occupy movement, she felt as if she had finally found her “people.” Those she marched with encouraged her to follow through with her plan of donning a nun’s habit, so she did. “Within one visit, the Occupy movement had dubbed me ‘Sister Occupy’,” said Sister Kate. Before long, supporters began asking how they could join the movement she had inspired. Her response was, “No, you don’t understand! I’m an activist, anarchist, single nun!” 

But eventually, she realized something did need to be organized. “That led to about a three-year discussion before Sisters of the Valley was formed,” she said.

Before Sister Kate declared herself a nun, she spent most of her time delivering CBD oil to the sick and “raising, cooking and cleaning” for a family with six kids. Because of this, she already felt like a nun. As a result, she didn’t find the lifestyle transition too difficult.

Credit: Northwest Cannacast

Sisterhood and the Divine Feminine

In the interview, Sister Kate goes on to explain that though the women implement pagan practices into their ceremonies, they don’t align with any one religion. Rather, most of their inspiration is drawn from the Beguine nuns, who were the precursors to the Catholic nuns.

She explained that the Beguine nuns were self-empowered, spiritually empowered, natural healers, and scholarly women. Because of this, they were considered “dangerous” and many of them were burnt at the stake. The Sisters of the Valley look to the Beguine nuns as their role models, because they hope to empower new generations of women don’t degrade or cheapen themselves to get ahead.

Sister Kate added that now is a very important time for women in history. This is because change is not only desired by both men and women, it is needed. And finally, females have an opportunity to do better than their husbands, fathers, brothers, etc… This isn’t to say men aren’t needed — in fact, the contrary is true. For sustainable, positive change to result as is intentioned, men and women need to work together.

Credit: NBC News

The REAL Holy Trinity

When the Sisters of the Valley began sharing their vision with the world, journalists were eager to interview the change-makers. However, one reporter made a mistake and wrote that the Sisters of the Valley consider the cannabis plant to be the real Holy Trinity.

As Sister Kate incredulously explains in the interview, one thing cannot be a trinity.

“I think it’s hilarious, because a newspaper reporter said the cannabis plant is our holy trinity. How can one thing be a trinity? No one in the media called him on it,” she said.

However, because the media wouldn’t stop “whispering,” she ended up inventing three traits that make the cannabis plant a trinity. Said Sister Kate,

“Because so many people have said that the cannabis plant is our holy trinity, I actually, in the last couple of days, came up with a cannabis plant holy trinity analogy. That is, that the plant is compassionate, it is cooperative, and it is intelligent.”

So there you have it.


Why Women Should Plant Cannabis To Eliminate Crime

In addition to sharing several compelling anecdotes from people who have improved their conditions with CBD oil and CBD-containing lotions and tinctures, Sister Kate relayed how women can rid the world of criminals by planting CBD-rich strains — which are legal in all 50 states. She said,

“Order from Attitude Seed Bank, out of the UK, strains of seeds that are meant to be under 1 percent THC and over 10 percent CBD. And every women should take the seeds and grow them inside and outside in their yard, and grow them everywhere… Because, one time a thief would steal that weed and try to sell it, and the thieves would be killed because they’re going to sell it like it’s going to get someone high. They’re going to sell it for $1,000/lb, and they’re going to get killed and bingo — we’ve just wiped out all the thieves, and we’re free to go forward.”

“So, my point is women need to grow this everywhere. And then dare the law to shut them down. Because all the laws were made for psychoactive cannabis, not for hemp,” she concluded.

Credit: Refinery29

Please watch the full interview above, as Sister Kate talks about many more topics, including why people should use CBD oil, why the nuns’ crops are legal in all 50 states and can be distributed to other countries, the organization’s plan(s) to cultivate marijuana in Canada, and much, much more.

It was an amazing experience connecting with this activist. Sister Kate is proof that one person can make a positive difference in the world. Hopefully, her efforts inspire you. Learn more by visiting the Sisters of the Valley website and Facebook page.

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