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Pregnant Elephant Dies After Eating Pineapple Stuffed With Firecrackers


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International Bat Appreciation Day

Happy International Bat Appreciation Day! Why on Earth Would We Celebrate Bats?

April 17 is International Bat Appreciation Day, a day reminding us to show love to...

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Indian Police Officer Goes Viral Wearing Coronavirus Helmet To Help Raise Awareness of Staying Home

(TMU) — Rajesh Babu, a police inspector in the southern city of Chennai has crea...

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Peru Bats

Frightened Mobs in Peru Burn Hundreds of Bats With Torches as Coronavirus Hysteria Grows

Peruvian authorities urged locals to understand that "bats are not our enemies."...

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Grow Vegetables

10 Vegetables You Can Easily Grow at Home All Year Round

Home gardening is making a huge comeback!...

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You Can Camp for Free and Dig for Your Own Crystals, Gemstones at This Mine Near Atlanta

Whatever is found is yours to keep!...

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Kids Pets

It’s Official! Kids Who Grow Up With Pets Make More Sensitive, Sympathetic, Successful Adults

For children, having an animal friend can lead to a greater quality of life furthe...

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Schools Across US Find More Success With Yoga, Mindfulness Classes Than Detention, Punishment

The alternative approach to discipline allows students to ground themselves in the...


The Most Beautiful Library in the World is in Prague, Czech Republic

The library houses a number of important and unique works of global significance....