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11 Things You Really Need to Stop Recycling


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Here’s Why Airport Facial Recognition is a Nightmare

Where will the use of facial recognition at airports lead if we don't stop it?...

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Racism Toward Asian People

“I Am Not a Virus”: Outbreak Leads to Shocking Rise in Racism Toward Asian People

Even those far removed from the outbreak are feeling the devastating impact of agg...

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End of the World

Scientists Believe We’re Closer to the End of the World Than Ever Before

The Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds to midnight....

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Police Officers

Nearly 5 Times as Many Police Officers Killed Themselves Than Were Shot in 2019

Plot twist: The biggest threat to police are themselves....

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Russell Crowe Golden Globes

Russell Crowe Uses Golden Globes Award Win to Highlight Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

He was unable to accept the award in person because he was “protecting his famil...

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Billions Dollars Online Clothing Returns Landfills

‘Staggering’ Scale of Waste: Billions of Dollars in Online Clothing Returns Go Straight to Landfills

Even unsold items that haven’t been touched by a consumer are being trashed....

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Algorithms Have Already Taken Over Human Decision Making and Nobody’s Talking About It

If our reality is becoming increasingly constructed by algorithms, where does this...

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Children Down Syndrome Disney

Children With Down Syndrome Become Disney Characters in Magical Photoshoot

The results of the photoshoot were truly inspirational and have been praised by in...