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Food Poisoning Expert Reveals the 6 Foods He’ll Never Eat Again


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raw meat food poisoning

Food Poisoning Expert Reveals the 6 Foods He’ll Never Eat Again

Though food poisoning is rarely fatal, it is absolutely avoidable....

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Rooftop Panels Purify Photosynthesis Plants

Rooftop Panels Can Purify Polluted Air 100x Faster Than Trees Using Photosynthesis of Plants

Scientists have successfully developed the first rooftop panels that can cleanse p...

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Stressed Out? New Study Suggests You Need a 20-Minute ‘Nature Pill’

The idea of retreating to nature when life gets too hectic is nothing new. For ins...

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The Many Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

Meditation has been extensively studied for its benefits in helping people overcom...


9 Benefits of Running According to Science

Running is an activity that involves the heart, the muscles, and the lungs. It wil...

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The Yellow Vest Movement Has Spread Like Wildfire Across the World

If you’re interested in or somewhat confused by the Yellow Vest Movement (YVM), ...

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Yellow Vest Movement

The Demands of the Yellow Vest Movement are Heading Towards Real Systemic Change

(Opinion Editorial by Phillip J. Watt) Long story short; French citizens have revo...

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Learn About Your Mind: Self-Hypnosis 101

I just want to speak to you right now. How’s your mind going? Forget your outsid...