New Study Shows Drinking Dairy Milk Could Increase Risk of Breast Cancer


Sun Surface

Breathtaking New Images of the Sun’s Surface Are the Most Detailed Ever Taken

Scientists say the staggering detail will help "unravel the Sun's biggest mysterie...

CBD-Infused Burger

Carls Jr. is Celebrating 4/20 With Its First Ever CBD-Infused Burger

This year, Carls Jr. will make history by becoming the first fast food restaurant ...

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Only the Youngest People can Possibly Wake Up Now

(Note: this is an opinion article.)   It’s 2018. About 5 years ago, any...

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Human Head Transplant will Still Happen, Despite Setbacks, Potential Fate Worse than Death

About 5 years ago in 2013, it was first announced by Italian neurosurgeon Sergio C...

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MicroBots Can Now be Released by the Military During Natural Disasters

You’re probably familiar with the mad science division of the Pentagon, DARP...

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48 People Have Been Reported Missing in 10 Days, In One Small State

According to the Iowa Department of Public Safety, as cited by a local mainstream ...

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In 54 Years, 1 “Advisor” has Influenced Every Single US President (Photos)

For the past 54 years, one man has served as a prime example of why the presidenti...


George H.W. Bush’s Cardiologist Shot to Death in Bicycle Drive-By

In a bicycle to bicycle drive-by shooting on the southwest side of Houston, Texas,...