Breathtaking New Images of the Sun’s Surface Are the Most Detailed Ever Taken


CBD-Infused Burger

Carls Jr. is Celebrating 4/20 With Its First Ever CBD-Infused Burger

This year, Carls Jr. will make history by becoming the first fast food restaurant ...

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Only the Youngest People can Possibly Wake Up Now

(Note: this is an opinion article.)   It’s 2018. About 5 years ago, any...

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Human Head Transplant will Still Happen, Despite Setbacks, Potential Fate Worse than Death

About 5 years ago in 2013, it was first announced by Italian neurosurgeon Sergio C...

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MicroBots Can Now be Released by the Military During Natural Disasters

You’re probably familiar with the mad science division of the Pentagon, DARP...

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48 People Have Been Reported Missing in 10 Days, In One Small State

According to the Iowa Department of Public Safety, as cited by a local mainstream ...

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In 54 Years, 1 “Advisor” has Influenced Every Single US President (Photos)

For the past 54 years, one man has served as a prime example of why the presidenti...


George H.W. Bush’s Cardiologist Shot to Death in Bicycle Drive-By

In a bicycle to bicycle drive-by shooting on the southwest side of Houston, Texas,...

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Iran just Accused the West of Engineering Drought for the 2nd Time

Iran Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, the man in charge of Iran’s Civil Def...