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All Outer Planets Lock Together: Fire Trine on Eclipse Point to Last 5 Months



By Tryptamine Astrology

From now until almost the end of the year, a special astrological configuration will be stuck in the sky. The aspect seems to foreshadow a serious, determined and energized period of time. It is a clear sign of rejuvenated inspiration, which we seem to have been needing for a long time.

Rejuvenated energy and inspiration but in a somber, “post lesson” type feeling: an intuitive, music appreciating watery energy, and a solid, energized crystallization, solidification of ideas will occur for the next several months.


It doesn’t mean that the circumstances of our lives will cease to affect us or our problems will disappear, but the energy will again feel ripe for functioning in life generally, and some sense of grounding might come about.

This solidification of the decade’s ideas, and lessons learned from its events, will culminate and peak in the two August eclipses, and it will persist after. This article will explain what astrological aspects are shaping this era.

It happened like this: from mid-2015 to late 2016, some of the most inspiration killing, devastating, spirit crushing and depression inducing aspects in about 30 years occurred (since the Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune aspects in Cancer and Capricorn in the late 80’s.)

It was 3 aspects that locked together in peak: a rare Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune configuration in hard, “negative” aspects, with eclipses occurring exactly on top. It was:

Jupiter square Saturn

Jupiter opposition Neptune

Saturn square Neptune


After the September 2016 eclipse, things looked like they were getting better in the sky. The hard aspects ended, but a series of small, harsh astrology aspects with the inner planets extended the period of lessons in a fateful way. Something said more lessons needed to be learned.

By November 2016, in Scorpio season, people were blasted with a dark, Pluto influenced, Scorpionic wave of energy. It was lit on fire (Mars) and with electricity (Aquarius) when the Scorpio planets squared Mars in Aquarius.

What people called PizzaGate broke, and this purging, immensely agitated feeling emerged with both the energy and the circumstances of the month, with the US presidential election. Either intentionally or not, the media used this moment to agitate the general public to the maximum.

The purging, harsh truth revealing heavy aspect Jupiter square Pluto kicked in that November.

The Sun and Venus in Scorpio sextiled Scorpio’s planet Pluto and squared Mars. November left an imprint on us, an agitated, exasperated shadow of darkness that seems to have persisted several months. November 2016 left a long-lasting imprint on the world like an eclipse. So since November, the agitated and out of balance collective energy that seemed to crystallize with the aspects of this month, it felt like the lessons of 2015-2016 were extended a few months further.

But exactly now, the “lesson era” is definitively taking a turn for the better. The circumstances of the world  as a whole remain critical and our problems will not evaporate out of nowhere, but the energy is finally returning to favor us.

Considering how strong the ruling classes are and how increasingly non-free and malleable our class of people is, you could say we’re collectively in a “lesson epoch”: a massive, unknown-number-of-millennia long era of learning the lessons of human slavery and freedom, or care vs coldness, or however you see it.

So now, there will be what astrologers call a “Grand Fire Trine” in the sky for several months.

Saturn in Sagittarius trine North Node in Leo and Uranus in Aries. 

It locks into the Moon’s nodes, which is where eclipses occur, because the nodes are the points where the Moon conjoins the ecliptic bi-monthly every year (the ecliptic is the belt the Sun and all planets travel on).

There is a fire trine, but more importantly all the outer planets will be locked together in positive angles. As 2016 saw a Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune configuration in hard, “negative” aspects, 2017 is a Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Neptune configuration in “positive” aspects.

2017’s skies have:

Jupiter sextile Saturn (in Libra and Sagittarius)

Jupiter quincunx Neptune (in Libra and Pisces)

Saturn trine Uranus (in Sagittarius and Aries)

Jupiter opposition Uranus (in Libra and Aries)

Jupiter opposition Uranus (conjunct the two dwarf planets Eris and Haumea) is the central aspect of 2017, but its second peak doesn’t occur until the mid-end of 2017.

The eclipses in Leo and Aquarius this year lock into the configuration in the sky, as they did with a different one in 2016: so if you believe in synchronicity, or the code of this existence whatever it may be, it’s telling us something significant is happening right now. The annual eclipses keep occurring on the other most important aspects in the sky, year after year this decade.

Recognizing synchronicity and the improbability of such synchronistic things occurring, and not rigidly believing we know exactly what it means, we can understand something of significance is happening.

The Meaning of 2017’s Sky

The most central component of the energy we will feel in the next few months is a long Grand Fire Trine locked into the points of the eclipse in August. It’s a Saturn-Uranus-North Node triangle in the sky, 2 planets and the eclipse point locked into 120 degree angles to each other.

It is composed of the aspects:

Saturn and Uranus trine the North Node (and sextile the South Node)

Saturn trine Uranus

While this Grand Fire Trine is stuck in peak, the aspect Jupiter quincunx Neptune in Libra and Pisces will be active.

The only way to explain this is to look at it in pieces and picture the mixture of all these aspects in the bigger picture: mix these detailed descriptions together and you’ll understand the energy of the next few months.

Saturn trine Uranus

Saturn trine Uranus is probably the strongest aspect in the air right now: it adds a grounded, solid, structure creating feeling to the day, crystallizing and solidifying ideas, ways of being, and things that pertain to Uranus in people’s minds.

Saturn trine Uranus solidifies and crystallizes things in people for an extended period of time: philosophies, ways of thinking, ideologies and ways of being become solidified in culture and individuals when this aspect occurs.

It causes our ideas, convictions, ideologies, thoughts, and learning/thinking processes (Uranus) to become structured, refined, and solidified in us (Saturn). Ideas may become more disciplined, refined, or practical, and our desire to improve things may become energized.

Saturn is the planet of structure, form, discipline, and of course it can be extremely malefic in worse aspects. However this is a positive one, and Uranus’ energetic thinker energy lights up Saturn here. When energies of flowing ideas, creativity, or substance hit Saturn in positive aspects, the fluid ideas become solid structures in reality.

Uranus is one of the great bodies of original idea. You could say Uranus and Neptune are the two great bodies of idea and intuition. They are the two different flavors of creativity, thought, ideas, perception. Uranus is an electric, information accumulating, technology producing thing with an inherently freedom loving nature. Neptune is the music appreciating, dream associated, intuitive watery energy, where almost all creative people receive that quality. That energy is Neptune as a planet, or Pisces/Cancer as a sign (just an area of the sky that bears that energy).

But Uranus is an information seeking energy with a specific rebellious, non-conforming, freedom seeking and energized quality. This makes Uranus, or Aquarius energy circumstantially be exactly what we need on Earth right now to pursue freedom from the slavery systems we struggle so hard in.

Uranus and Aquarius are an antidote to the tyrannical circumstances of the world at this moment, and their energy filling the air is something we should gratuitously anticipate and appreciate to the fullest.

Depending on how much people utilize this energy, the freedom seekers and revolutionaries of the world will solidify and crystallize their efforts of the past several years during this time. These people will find themselves in circumstances ripe for the inspiration to fight for freedom again: the thinkers and activists everywhere will form new structures and crystallize past efforts into a new form this year. The air will finally be ripe for the activists again.

While Uranus is the revolutionary, thinker energy when it is imbued with the purpose and heart of some water energy like Neptune, Pisces, or Cancer, Uranus is like mad science in harsher aspects.

Uranus is exactly what people felt in the early years of this decade, with 2012-2015 Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto blasts occurring with Blood Moon eclipses contributing to the rise of the alternative media, and a fiery activist spirit.

The most important aspect of the 2010’s decade was undeniably Uranus square Pluto from 2012- 2015: the great purging and dissolving (Pluto) of old ways, old ideologies and previous conceptions of how the world works (Uranus). This was the awakening people experienced, and the long Uranus square Pluto had bursts of positive energy and activity at the moments Jupiter locked into Uranus square Pluto.

These blasts of awakening, thinking energy occurred in 2013 and 2014 at the peaks of:

Jupiter sextile Uranus (2013)

Jupiter opposition Pluto, Jupiter square Uranus (2014)

Jupiter trine Uranus (2014 and 2015)

And here in 2017, at the center of all the other aspects in the sky, Jupiter opposition Uranus and Jupiter square Pluto are there. A great purging and changing of ideas, an awakening defined by Uranus and Pluto is the dominant theme of this decade.

So all this time, the Uranus of this era has been in Aries: lit on youthful, energetic fire. Since 2011 the Uranus/Aquarius people of the world, the thinkers, revolutionaries, or on the dark side the stubborn ideologues and those trying to build a scientific dictatorship, have been lit with fire.

But in 2018, Uranus will start to leave Aries. Uranus will enter Taurus, and for the next 7 years, the fire and energy will not be present in people as it was most of this decade. This configuration in 2017 is the grand finale of the fiery revolutionary energy of this decade: Uranus in Aries’ finale.

After the depression we felt from late 2015 to now it’s finally time for more of that 2013-2014, high inspiration Uranus energy. However, we can’t expect it to feel as climatic and euphoric as 2013-2014. We all went through something and generally speaking we became humbled and changed after the intensity of the recent purging. We had a wave of awakening, a euphoric, intensely confidence building one for the first several years of this decade, and then a fall to a low pit of depression, and now we’re being built back up but the circumstances of our world still remain unsolved.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune

The entire time the fire trine is stuck, this aspect will be as well. It’s a special, particularly pleasant one, a positive quincunx. A Quincunx aspect fuses together two energies in a way that could either be functional and positive, or discordant and less positive. For example, two planets quincunx in Aries and Scorpio are likely to produce volatile, impulsive (Aries) deep feelings (Scorpio), but not 2017’s Libra-Pisces quincunx.

Libra and Pisces are both more relaxed, harmony-loving, emotion feeling signs. The planets beaming their energy through them and forming the aspect, Jupiter in Libra and Neptune in Pisces, are also harmonious and positive planets, especially in those places. Jupiter and Neptune both formerly represented Pisces and Sagittarius in astrology, before the discovery of Neptune. A Jupiter-Neptune aspect is a strong pull toward the spiritual, the Neptune or Pisces energy.

This mix of Libra/Pisces/Jupiter/Neptune is a very gentle, watery, deeply feeling but harmonious energy that will saturate the atmosphere for the next several months, calming the intensity of the Uranus, fire aspects, giving the Uranus fire purpose and heart to guide its intense willpower. This aspect has the power to rejuvenate people’s appreciation for life, music, nature, family, and the things they couldn’t enjoy enough during this recent period of collective depression.

Uranus trine/sextile the Nodes, Saturn trine/sextile the Nodes

The points eclipses occur on, or the North and South Nodes, are some of the most important factors in any astrological equation: in a person’s chart, or in the sky at any time. Any aspect to the nodes is sure to be particularly potent.

So Uranus being in a positive trine/sextile to the nodes for the next several months will give our collective direction the influence of thinker energy, revolutionary energy: we will strongly gravitate toward fire laced, freedom loving energy for a period of time that we need to savor to the maximum.

Uranus trine/sextile the nodes is an easy to interpret equation: everyone is drawn to Uranus energy, and this pull toward it will crystallize and fully culminate with the eclipses in August, which will also trine and sextile Uranus.

Then after the eclipses locked into Uranus, like the 2014 Blood Moons locked into Uranus aspects more directly, the high energy, insomnia inducing, inspired feeling will persist in the air for an unknown period of weeks after the eclipse. Eclipses can make energies persist in the air or in specific people’s feelings for weeks after the event.

So now, everyone will be drawn to thinking, learning why we aren’t free in this world, ect. People will feel a conviction to be free. This Uranus energy that is the antidote to humanity’s circumstances of slavery will make one final appearance in this decade of higher hopes for freedom (amidst circumstances that seem hopeless).

However, remember that when any positive, functional aspect occurs the entire world feels it at once (as with anything that happens in the sky). So everyone, from the most evil to the most compassionate of people, awake or asleep people, will be feeling a form of this inspired, higher energy Uranus: it could fuel a purpose, like the fight for freedom, or it could get contorted into stubborn, headstrong discordant energy in people individually.

Either way, our “bottom” class desperately needs this energy that is inherently non-compliant and freedom seeking. This energy never fails to inspire disobedience, and no Uranus energy will be this imbued with fire (Aries) for 7 years. No Uranus energy will have this type of fire for 21 years, Until Uranus enters Leo, the next fire sign.

So what will Saturn trine/sextile the nodes do?

It is the same thing as Saturn trine Uranus: the Uranus energy described above will be crystallized and solidified in the collective consciousness where it will never be forgotten.

Years from now this year will be remembered. Saturn trine Uranus and the nodal/eclipse locking into Uranus are two factors sure to solidify this feeling we’re about to have in the consciousness of people for a long time. What we felt this decade will not be forgotten.

North Node in Leo, South Node in Aquarius

The nodes bear an energy where they stand, and the Saturn/Uranus solidification of purpose will crystallize into this axis where the eclipses occur. The whole equation lies on the Saturn/Uranus being beamed into Leo/Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of Uranus, and Leo is the sign of the Sun. This is an equation for warm, human (Leo, Aries) purpose and unwillingness to succumb to slavery (Uranus, Aquarius).

The North Node’s position determines what energy will collectively satisfy everyone at any given time. Collective lessons pertaining to a certain energy change every 1 1/2 years with the movement of the nodes backward through each sign.

So as the North Node in Virgo 2015- now, made all those who tapped into their intuition gravitate toward a desire to better their health, lessons about poison and chemicals, lessons about paying closer attention to detail in life (all Virgo), the North Node’s recent entrance to Leo changes the flavor of this era’s lessons. The North Node pulls us like gravity to an energy that satisfies and grows us, advances us personally and collectively on a deeper level. Now Leo’s energy will fill this role.

Leo energy is about warmth, the arts and crafts, skills and hobbies of life (art, music, film, books, any form of creation or construction).

Leo energy is about an ambition, a sunny, warm, human desire to create something or accomplish something. When aspected with Uranus, or a purposeful, heart filled water energy like the Jupiter quincunx Neptune that will coincide with North Node in Leo, the energy becomes warm, human fire for whatever purpose: here it is extra inspired and ambitious.

So in 2017 and 2018, we’ll have a collective hunger for wholesome, warm, sunny energy. This energy will be filled with purpose and heart, Uranus and Neptune, and we’ll have an equation for people desiring freedom. Coldness, technology, these things will feel less appealing then heart filled music, the Sun, nature, the crafts and activities of life, ect. The South Node in Aquarius also means we will have a desire to distance ourselves from technology (Aquarius). However, the revolutionary energy of Uranus’ sign Aquarius will surely be present in the air.


In short, this is what the next few months will be like, leading up to the August eclipses in Leo and Aquarius which will bring this energy to fruition, and leave a long lasting imprint of it that will persist for probably the rest of 2017.

– Warm, unafraid, strong fire energy with revolutionary purpose (North Node in Leo, Uranus trine NN)

– A desire for wholesome, warm, down to earth activities over technology (Nodes in Leo and Aquarius)

– A music and nature loving soft, pleasant, watery emotional energy in the air helping everyone feel their hearts (Jupiter quincunx Neptune)

– A solidification of this decade’s ideologies, ideas, revolutionary energy, thinker energy: a grounding in stone of what we believe in and care about (Saturn trine Uranus)

The next article will explore in greater detail exactly what the August eclipses will solidify, and what will happen next.

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