Jake Anderson

Author and Journalist

Jake is a writer, filmmaker, investigative journalist, activist, search engine optimizer, and radio host. He is a contributing journalist for Anti-Media & The Mind Unleashed, covering automation, futurism, artificial intelligence, and fringe science. Jake received a B.A. from UCSC and currently lives in Portland, O.R. Contact him at @overthemoonscifi or [email protected]

Health  |  News

They Couldn’t Ban Kratom, So Now the Feds Are Trying to Stop the Source

Kratom has been used by indigenous people in Southeast Asia for generations....

Consciousness  |  Opinion  |  Science & Tech

Hacker Forms Church to Jailbreak Humanity Out of Our Simulation

"What’s outside the simulation?"...

Science & Tech
Our Universe Exists in a Gigantic Higher Dimensional Black Hole

New Theory Suggests We Live in a Gigantic Higher Dimensional Black Hole

A team of astrophysicists have put forth a theory suggesting that our entire unive...

News  |  Science & Tech
Scientists Say Dark Matter May Be Evidence of Parallel, Mirror-Image Universe

Dark Matter Could Be Evidence of a Parallel Universe, Scientist Claims

A new theory suggests our physical reality may be attached at the hip to a paralle...

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metal moon anomaly

Scientists Say There’s a Massive Metal Structure Buried in the Dark Side of the Moon

The structure deposit is likely the leftover iron-nickel core of an asteroid which...

Everett Palmer Jr

Veteran Who Died Mysteriously in Police Custody Returned to Family Missing Brain, Heart, and Throat

His family believes authorities are attempting to cover-up his death....

News  |  Science & Tech
Black Hole Hyperspace Travel

Scientists Now Believe Black Holes Could Be Portals to Other Galaxies

(TMU) — In Christopher Nolan’s epic 2014 science fiction film Interstellar, a ...

News  |  Science & Tech
Loch Ness Monster

Scientists Studying the Loch Ness Monster Say One Theory Might Actually Be True

(TMU) — There are few legends more persistent than that of the Loch Ness monster...