Jake Anderson

Author and Journalist

Jake is a writer, filmmaker, investigative journalist, activist, search engine optimizer, and radio host. He is a contributing journalist for Anti-Media & The Mind Unleashed, covering automation, futurism, artificial intelligence, and fringe science. Jake received a B.A. from UCSC and currently lives in Portland, O.R. Contact him at @overthemoonscifi or [email protected]

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Supermassive Black Hole Hungry

The Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy Just Got Extremely Hungry

"We have never seen anything like this in the 24 years we have studied the superma...

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Saturn Electric Honey

Scientists Say Interior of Saturn May Flow Like “Electric Honey”

The heart of Saturn may be far stranger than imagined....

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Cyborgs Will Replace Humans Rule Earth

Self-Aware “Cyborgs” Will Replace Humans and Rule the Earth, Futurist Predicts

Eventually, the cyborgs will modify the Earth to suit to their needs, which might ...

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Radio Signals

Scientists Have Discovered 8 New Mysterious Signals Coming From Deep Space

One of the biggest mysteries in the Universe is crawling closer to answers....

Health  |  News

They Couldn’t Ban Kratom, So Now the Feds Are Trying to Stop the Source

Kratom has been used by indigenous people in Southeast Asia for generations....

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Fast Radio Bursts

Burst of Energy 4 Billion Light Years Away May Indicate Advanced Life

Astronomers have tracked the strange blast of energy back to its home galaxy....

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Hacker Forms Church to Jailbreak Humanity Out of Our Simulation

"What’s outside the simulation?"...

Science & Tech
Our Universe Exists in a Gigantic Higher Dimensional Black Hole

New Theory Suggests We Live in a Gigantic Higher Dimensional Black Hole

A team of astrophysicists have put forth a theory suggesting that our entire unive...