Jake Anderson

Author and Journalist

Jake is a writer, filmmaker, investigative journalist, activist, search engine optimizer, and radio host. He is a contributing journalist for Anti-Media & The Mind Unleashed, covering automation, futurism, artificial intelligence, and fringe science. Jake received a B.A. from UCSC and currently lives in Portland, O.R. Contact him at @overthemoonscifi or [email protected]

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Scientists release first “movie” of Supermassive Black Hole devouring stars in distant galaxy

Astronomers and astrophysicists have released a movie of the M87 black hole that c...

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New terrifying deep-sea creatures discovered that are so ultra-black they absorb virtually all light

These deep-sea creatures that have developed such ultra black skin that it is bein...

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Our Galaxy Likely Contains Many Planets Made Mostly of Diamond

For the first time in human history, we're regularly identifying planets outside o...

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NASA funded scientist claims new thruster can approach the speed of light

The concept of interstellar travel has fascinated the human race for thousands of ...

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This Physicist Is Arguing the Entire Universe May Be One Giant Neural Network

This physics professor has an idea that he openly admits is "crazy." But, crazy or...

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Researchers Say Plant Composition Could Help Guide Searchers to Human Remains

True-crime analysis and criminal investigations may have a new, unlikely ally: pla...

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Another ‘Oumuamua’ Plot Twist: Leading Explanation For Interstellar Object Is Aliens Again

The most mysterious aspect of 'Oumuamua' was the fact that it seemed to be gaining...

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Artificial Intelligence Will Surveil And Study Released Prisoners To “Reduce Recidivism”

A group of researchers is launching a new artificial intelligence led study that w...