Markab Algedi

Markab Algedi is a researcher from North Highlands, California.


Youth Enter Abandoned House to Smoke Weed, Find a Massive Tiger Instead

In southeast Houston, Texas, somebody recently tried to enter an abandoned home, i...


A Bright Green, Newly Discovered Comet is Passing by Earth: Here’s How You Can See It

If you have access to some binoculars, you can spot something special in the night...

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Vine-Like Robot

World’s First Vine-Like Robot Can Climb and Curl Like an Octopus

On January 24, 2019 a paper published in Science Daily revealed that researchers ...

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Weird ‘New’ Fruit Could Become as Common as a Strawberry

There’s a fruit out there called a groundcherry, and scientists are trying to us...

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Weeds Growing in Poor Urban Areas Are More Nutritious Than Grocery Store Produce

In August, researchers from the University of California, Berkeley published their...

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You Are Surrounded by an Invisible Dirt Aura Everywhere You Go

Recently, a team from Stanford University did a study on a swarm of chemicals, mic...

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Woman Records the ‘Voice of a Sunflower’ — and It Sounds Like Music From Another Dimension

Using some kind of microphone attached to her phone, a woman claims to have record...

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Only the Youngest People can Possibly Wake Up Now

(Note: this is an opinion article.)   It’s 2018. About 5 years ago, any...