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4 Flawless Zen Lessons on Gratitude


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Meditation Brain

Meditation Changes the Structure of Your Brain in a Positive Way, Studies Show

There’s no right or wrong way to meditate....

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After Twitter Poll Goes Badly Awry, Christian Group Blames Satan

"Satanists and Atheists piled on this poll and have begun leaving vile messages as...

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Australian Indigenous

Australian Indigenous Community Asks Authorities for Permission to Ban Christian Missionaries

An Indigenous community in Australia is seeking to prevent Christian missionaries ...

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Staring Into Eyes 10 Minutes Consciousness

Staring Into Someone’s Eyes for 10 Minutes Can Alter Your State of Consciousness

Strange things happen when you stare into someone’s eyes for 10 minutes......

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Bishop Anal Sex Gay Men

Bishop Claims Men Are Gay Because Their Mom Enjoyed Anal Sex While Pregnant

"It happens during the parent’s intercourse or pregnancy. It follows an abnormal...

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Pastor Said He Was Sucking Demons Out of Men He Sexually Assaulted, Victims Claim

Union County still refuses to press charges against the pastor....

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Keanu Reeves Stephen Colbert

Keanu Reeves’ Explanation of What Happens When We Die Left Stephen Colbert Speechless

Keanu Reeves began his career in Hollywood portraying characters whom few would de...

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Ayahuasca Visions

Ayahuasca: 9 Common Misconceptions About the Ancient Visionary Plant

With the growing popularity of ayahuasca, misinformation is unfortunately quite pr...