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Staring Into Someone’s Eyes for 10 Minutes Can Alter Your State of Consciousness


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Bishop Anal Sex Gay Men

Bishop Claims Men Are Gay Because Their Mom Enjoyed Anal Sex While Pregnant

"It happens during the parent’s intercourse or pregnancy. It follows an abnormal...

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Pastor Said He Was Sucking Demons Out of Men He Sexually Assaulted, Victims Claim

Union County still refuses to press charges against the pastor....

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Keanu Reeves Stephen Colbert

Keanu Reeves’ Explanation of What Happens When We Die Left Stephen Colbert Speechless

Keanu Reeves began his career in Hollywood portraying characters whom few would de...

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Ayahuasca Visions

Ayahuasca: 9 Common Misconceptions About the Ancient Visionary Plant

With the growing popularity of ayahuasca, misinformation is unfortunately quite pr...

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North of Happiness: 5 States of Being That Will Launch You Past Happiness

“May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most a...

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Minefield in the Mind-Field: Exploration, Adaptation, and the Ability to Generate New Ideas

“We must examine everything, stir up everything without exception or restraint....

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8 Pieces of “Bad” Life Advice That Are Actually Good

“Your goodness must have some edge to it—else it is none.” ~Ralph Waldo Emer...

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Age of Information

In the Age of Information, You Get What You Create

We have never had such a grand opportunity to be healthy, happy and free in our so...