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Swimming Pools Can Turn Your Sunscreen Into a Cancerous Toxin


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Swimming Pools Sunscreen

Swimming Pools Can Turn Your Sunscreen Into a Cancerous Toxin

Smothering yourself in sunscreen before getting into a swimming pool may be detrim...

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden Promises to “Cure Cancer” If Elected President

The statement seemed to come out of nowhere....

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Couple Who Bet on Bitcoin Just Donated Their Earnings to Cancer Research

What would you do if, seemingly overnight, you became a millionaire? Would you liv...

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Scientists have had a breakthrough in Cancer treatment, and it could change everything

Scientists have developed a method to eradicate cancer cells as effectively as wid...

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Chemotherapy Proven to Spread Cancer, Cause Lethal Tumors in Groundbreaking New Study

Albert Einstein College of Medicine just proved that chemotherapy is a cash machin...

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A Terminally Ill Young Girl Has One Last Wish: A Kitten. More Specifically, An Empath Kitten!

At the age of 12, Kylie Myers was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. When her ...

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German Scientists Discover Light Shatters Cancerous Cells, Other Diseases

We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship betw...


Breaking: Doctors Can Now Use Light to Fight Cancer!

Doctors have found an exciting new non-evasive light therapy that can help the bod...