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New Facial Recognition Software Predicts You’re a Criminal Based on your Face

The latest technological development appears to be an updated, “algorithmic phre...

America Super-Rich

America’s Super-Rich See Their Wealth Rise by $282 Billion in Three Weeks of Pandemic

Meanwhile, 26 million Americans filed for unemployment....

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Google COVID-19

Google’s Dystopian COVID-19 Surveillance Could Be Straight Out of George Orwell’s 1984

The data Google has already released, even to the public, is quite worrying....

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Coronavirus Equipment

US Leads Global Wave of Nations Stealing, Seizing and Diverting Coronavirus Equipment

The worldwide pandemic appears to be bringing out both the best and worst in human...

New York Prisoners

New York Prisoners Offered PPE and $6 an Hour to Dig Mass Graves for Coronavirus Victims

The job is being presented as a voluntary service. But in reality, prisoners have ...

US Sanctions

With Quarter of World Population Under US Sanctions, Countries Appeal to UN to Intervene

The countries warn that U.S. sanctions are killing not only Americans at home but ...

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Jeff Bezos, World’s Richest Man, Wants Your Donations To Help Amazon Employees

Jeff Bezos is asking the public for donations to provide basic support to his 800,...

Abby Martin Sues Georgia

Abby Martin Sues State of Georgia Over Law Requiring Pledge of Allegiance to Israel

Journalist and filmmaker Abby Martin is suing the state of Georgia for violating h...