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Starbucks Pig

Daughter of Police Chief in Starbucks Cup Fiasco Says Her Dad is “Absolutely a Pig”

“He was blatantly, proudly racist when I was a kid,” she tweeted. “Said thi...

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Skin Melted

Police Held Mentally Ill Man Down on Scorching Asphalt Until His Skin Melted Off

“Nelson nearly died from these injuries and required months of immediate care at...

Family Facing Jail Living in RV

Family Facing Jail for Living in RV on Their Own Property to Repair Home After Fire

“This is a bonafide emergency. What we are going thru could happen to anyone in ...

Police Kill Service Dog

Police Responding to Man Having a Seizure, Shoot and Kill His Service Dog

Why are police so quick to shoot?...

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Cops Torture Woman

WATCH: Cops Strap Woman to Chair, Torture Her With Taser Over Refusing to Sign Ticket

The extremely disturbing video looks like something out of 1930s Germany....

Cochlear Implant

Innocent Deaf Teen Loses Cochlear Implant as Cops Taser Him in Back for Not Hearing Them

A deaf teenager was tasered and put into handcuffs after police gave the teen or...

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Isaiah Murrietta-Golding

Disturbing Footage Shows Cop Shoot Unarmed Child in the Head as He Ran Away

“Good shot,” the officer says to his fellow cop who just murdered a child....

Taxation is Theft

Student Suspended for 5 Days Over ‘Taxation is Theft’ Hat, ‘End the Drug War’ Flyer

A high school freshman was suspended from school for wearing a hat....