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Good News  |  Inspirational
Plastic Bottles Build Canoes

Man Uses Plastic Bottles to Build Canoes for Fishermen in His Community

He was inspired to develop the boats after watching plastic bottles float on flood...

Buy Nothing Day

Many People Are Now Celebrating “Buy Nothing Day” Instead of “Black Friday”

Advocates of Buy Nothing Day say that they hope to encourage mindfulness about con...

Health  |  News
FDA Psilocybin

FDA Lists Psilocybin as “Breakthrough Therapy” for Depression Second Year in a Row

Despite all of this evidence, psilocybin is still considered a Schedule I drug by ...

Animals  |  Environment  |  News
Mushroom Saving Millions Bees Deadly Virus

A Mushroom is Saving Millions of Bees From a Deadly Virus

Researchers suspect the mushroom either boosts their immune system or somehow figh...

Science & Tech
DMT Waking Dream

DMT Puts Your Brain in a “Waking Dream” State, New Study Shows

Researchers have often speculated about DMT having a connection to both dreaming a...

Health  |  News  |  Science & Tech
Air Pollution

Yale Study Shows Air Pollution Causes “Huge” Reduction in Intelligence

The researchers claim that 95% of the global population is breathing unsafe air....

Good News  |  News

Aldi Set to Replace 12.5 Million Single Use Plastic Bags With Compostable Bags

Starting January 2020, all 139 Aldi stores in Ireland will stock 100% compostable...

Animals  |  Good News
Mouse-Size Deer

‘Extinct’ Mouse-Sized Deer Spotted for the First Time Since Disappearing in 1990

“For so long, this species has seemingly only existed as part of our imagination...