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Live Pig

Theme Park Apologizes for Forcing a Live Pig to Bungee Jump

The event was called "the golden pig bungee jump."...

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Veterans in California Can Now Adopt a Shelter Pet for Free

Veterans in California Can Now Adopt a Shelter Pet for Free

A new law calls on animal shelters in California to waive pet adoption fees for mi...

Health  |  News  |  Science & Tech

MDMA Inches Away From Becoming FDA-Approved Pharmaceutical

Results from "Phase 2" of clinical trials have proven to be astoundingly positive!...

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Sikh Volunteers Free Food Victims Australia

“True Legends”: Sikh Volunteers Giving Out Free Food to Victims of Australia’s Fires

A truly selfless act!...

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Live Animal Key Chains China

Live Animal Key Chains Are Still Sold in China Amidst Claims of Animal Cruelty

Animal key chains like these are sold in China near subways and train stations fo...

Health  |  Science & Tech
Magic Mushrooms Treating Depression

Magic Mushrooms One Step Closer to Treating Depression After Successful Clinical Trials

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, may soon become a mainstream...

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Roman McConn

Dog Whispering Boy Won an Award After Rescuing Over 1,300 Dogs From High-Kill Shelters

Roman McConn has been dedicated to rescuing dogs since he was only 4 years old....

Consciousness  |  Opinion  |  Paradigm Shift

Stoned Ape Theory: Could Magic Mushrooms Be Responsible for Human Evolution?

This hypothesis remains unproven, but recent scientific findings seem to support t...