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Four cops face 10 years in jail after video shows them beating man they said died of heart attack


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Huge trove of Epstein flight logs to be revealed, “sparking panic” among pedophile’s wealthy friends

All of the flight logs for Jeffrey Epstein’s private planes, including his “Lo...

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Louisville reaches $12 million dollar settlement with family of Breonna Taylor as her killers walk free

None of the officers who took part in the senseless killing of Taylor will be arre...

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Shocking number of women in ICE facility were sterilized against their will, nurse reveals

“When I met all these women who had had surgeries, I thought this was like an ex...

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California deputy arrested after he was caught on video allegedly burglarizing dead man’s home

A sheriff’s deputy in Orange County, California, allegedly broke into the home o...

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At least one of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor wore a body camera, contradicting police claims

In a startling new development in the killing of Breonna Taylor, at least one of t...

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Assange Is In “A Lot Of Pain” And Looking Very Thin, Partner Says After Visit To Prison

Julian Assange is not in good shape, according to his partner, who was recently ab...

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Brazil’s Amazon gutted by record-setting wave of fires as Bolsonaro claims “rainforest can’t burn”

Over the past month alone, government monitors registered at least 20,473 fires ac...

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Jeffrey Epstein victim says he “showed her off” to Donald Trump when she was only 14

According to a new lawsuit, Epstein brought the alleged victim to Donald Trump’s...