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George Floyd’s Sister Calls For Murder Charges Against Cops As Video Proves They’re Lying


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Videos Clearly Show George Floyd NOT Resisting Arrest Before He Was ‘Murdered’ by Police

“I think the officer should be charged with murder.”...

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BREAKING: Police Use Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets as Thousands Demand Justice for George Floyd

Thousands of protesters have taken to city streets to demand justice for George Fl...

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Four Minneapolis Cops Fired Over Brutal Killing of George Floyd as Outrage Mounts, Protests Begin

This is perhaps the most high-profile and gut-wrenching example of police brutalit...

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Free Humanity

The Future of a Free Humanity Depends on Our Actions Today

Hindsight is 20/20, we are told......

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9/11 Documents

Attorney General Barr Blocks Release of 9/11 Documents Despite Promises to Victims’ Families

In a last minute court filing, U.S. officials demanded a federal judge block the r...

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Stimulus Checks

Evangelical Pastor “Challenges” Struggling Americans to Hand Stimulus Checks to Churches

The same pastor faces criminal charges for holding gatherings at his church in def...

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Appeals Court Refuses to Overturn Jeffrey Epstein’s Infamous “Sweetheart Deal”

Epstein's victims were dealt another blow from the legal system after an appeals c...

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Snowden Pandemic

Snowden: Governments Using Pandemic to Build “Architecture of Oppression” Surveillance

Snowden fears that world leaders will hold onto new emergency powers well after th...