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Ghislaine Maxwell document dump makes Epstein and Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz squirm


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Ghislaine Maxwell fails to block release of confidential documents and Epstein flight logs

A US District Court Judge denied Ghislaine Maxwell’s bid to prevent depositions ...

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Judge orders ‘extremely confidential’ Epstein records from Ghislaine Maxwell case to be made public

A massive trove of “extremely personal, confidential” documents that sex traff...

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Feds Use Unmarked Vans to ‘Kidnap’ Protesters Off Portland Streets, Enraging Local Officials

Federal law enforcement have been driving around downtown Portland in unmarked van...

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Hawaii Cop Faces Four Years in Prison for Forcing Homeless Man to Lick Public Urinal

A former police officer is facing four years behind bars after he humiliated and d...

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87 People Arrested on Felony Charges in Peaceful Protest Demanding Justice for Breonna Taylor

"0 of Breonna Taylor’s killers arrested. 0 charged. How is this justice?"...

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Cop Arrested After Video Caught Him Torturing Man Having ‘Diabetic Event’ During Traffic Stop

Butler’s attorney maintained that he was instead unable to comply with police co...

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Revolutionary New Bill Would Require Cops to Have Liability Insurance for Brutality Lawsuits

The proposed insurance bill would prevent police officers from brutalizing civilia...

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Catholic Church Received Up to $3.5 Billion in COVID Aid as Clergy Sex Abuse Costs Pile Up

The U.S. Roman Catholic Church used its clout to amass anywhere between $1.4 billi...