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The age of burning fossil fuels for electricity is over. Here’s why



You may have seen the report a few months ago when electricity prices in Germany actually dropped to zero for an hour, even moving slightly below zero before moving back up into positive territory. Then, last week in Queensland, wholesale electricity prices fell below zero for several days in a row, all thanks to the increasing use of solar power and other renewable energies.

350,000 buildings in Queensland alone now have solar panels on their buildings, creating energy during the day –to the tune of 1,100 megawatts– to power businesses and homes alike during peak energy demand hours. During regular business hours is when traditional fossil fuel burning power plants used to make most of their profits, but all of that is changing.

It’s now becoming increasingly tough for coal burning power plants, which used to generate the majority of the world’s power, to turn a profit.

With cleaner and cheaper options like solar and wind, power plants in Australia have already failed to make any profits in recent years, laying the blame on the increasing use of rooftop solar on houses and businesses.

The once expensive and inefficient solar panel industry has turned up its cost effectiveness and efficiency in recent years, making the move to sun power all the more appealing to frugal consumers. In Australia alone, the high costs of traditional ‘on-the-grid’ electricity is driving people to alternative energy in droves.

It’s projected that there will be a 600% increase in solar use over the next decade alone, with as many as 75% or more of all buildings in Australia being powered by solar by 2023.

This uptick in solar and alternative energies will drive prices so low in the coming decade that many coal and natural gas power plants will be forced to either close or be saved by their respective governments.

This is good news for world freedom

It’s well know that many wars are fought over resources, many times oil and other energy bases. Electricity is arguably the most essential staple for human survival, because with enough electricity, water can literally be extracted from thin air, which can then be used to plant crops.

With enough electricity, nearly all of humanity’s needs can be met.

Centralized energy, like most of us have now, is inherently dangerous to a free society. It can fluctuate, prices can be raised, and grids can be shut down or get damaged by natural disasters. The move toward localized production of electricity, then, is a move towards freedom, security, and democracy. Autonomous energy production is the precursor to an autonomous free society. The secondary effect of increased use of renewable energy is, of course, cleaner air and less pollution. We have all the reasons in the world to support this exciting new development.


Nick Bernabe is the owner and lead editor of the website, an activist, blogger, and the original founder and spokesman of the March Against Monsanto movement. He is also a guest contributor to The Mind Unleashed. Please follow his Facebook page by clicking here.

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