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What’s Holding you Back? Practices to Dissolve Energy Blockages



All our experiences in life are reflected back into the different aspects of Self – the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual. All these ‘domains’ are in confluence with each other, meaning that what is happening in one effects the others in some way or another. There is an interdependency between these aspects of Self and a true understanding of ourselves can only come from a holistic and multidisciplinary view of how these aspects are in confluence with each other.

Traditional healing practices such as shamanism have in many ways understood and worked closely with this interdependency of physical and non-physical parts of our being. Ancient Chinese medicine, for instance, is based on the notion of Qi, the vital energy that flows through the body and which affects our physical and mental health and wellbeing depending on whether it flows and circulates without obstructions. Similarly, Hindu traditions have the notion of Prana energy which flows through energy centres in our body known as chakras.  Even many non-mainstream healers today base much of their practice on the same principle by seeking to identify and dissolve any energy blockages that a person might have.

Imperceptible to the untrained eye, or rather the unintuitive eye, these blockages are said to have a cascading effect on many other aspects of our lives.

Here are some important examples: 

  • Feel disconnected to your Life’s purpose or meaning
  • Feeling debilitated – not able to move forward in life
  • Feeling unmotivated, lethargic and without energy to reach your goals
  • Being overwhelmed by life in general – feeling fear, threat and scarcity instead of enjoyment and abundance
  • Emotional stress, anxiety by situations around you
  • You feel that your life is not happening – relationships, money, success, happiness
  • Prone to physical illnesses or fatigue
  • You invest a lot of energy to your life but success is very limited

The above can be seen as psychological and physical manifestations of energy blockages. Similarly, energy blockages can be seen as energetic manifestations of physical and psychological ailments. The cause-effect relationship is understood differently than in Science. The same experience will leave an imprint and manifest at different levels of our Self at the same time. Therefore the approach of the healer is to hack the problem from any of these ‘platforms’ – and the energy platform is generally a preferred one because it encompasses a broader spectrum of physical or mental manifestations. Let’s say it is a higher level program, therefore accessing the problem from that program level makes more pragmatic sense.

The effects of healing energy blockages and conflicts can be experienced as some of the below examples:

  •  Greater clarity, purpose and meaning to your life
  • Feeling more vitality and better health in general
  • Feeling that things are working out despite you are working less or stressing yourself less
  • Your emotional life is balanced which is reflected into your relationships. People around you ‘sense’ your inner harmony and balance
  • You are aligned with your goals
  • You are no longer victim of your fears – you see your future with optimism and courage
  • You feel life is abundant and kind to you in general

There are various healing practices and exercises that are aimed towards hacking problems from the energetic level. In short, they are practices that help you dissolve energy blockages that you might have. I will mention some relevant ones here but my thoughts about dissolving energy blockages is that while we can identify blockages and/or help to maintain healthy energy flow ourselves, when it comes to actually unblocking ‘energy knots’ it is best to leave it in the hands of experienced and gifted healers.

Reiki Therapy: 

The term Reiki is a composite of two Japanese words ‘Rei’ meaning ‘God’s wisdom’ or ‘higher power’ and ‘Ki’ (Qi in Chinese) meaning ‘life force’ or ‘Vital energy’. Whereas Chinese Qi Gong or Tai Qi are exercises meant to maintain the healthy circulation of ‘Ki’ or ‘Qi’ in the body, Reiki is a therapy which is carried out by another person – the Reiki master or healer. The method looks incredibly simple where all you see is the practitioner placing his or her hands on certain parts of the patient’s body but what is really at work is beyond appearance.

To be quite frank, I was always a little bit unconvinced about Reiki until I have tried it myself about two weeks ago by my friend Adda who happens to be a truly gifted and experienced Reiki healer. I went there with no expectations – only perhaps to relax. However I knew that I was suffering from some energy blockages of some sort. What I have experienced thereafter is simply unbelievable and way counter to my limited expectations. During the therapy I was constantly getting vivid visual impressions and colours depending on which energy area or chakra was being processed. At some point I felt something hard to explain and this is closely related to the releasing the energy blockage. I felt very dizzy and suddenly it felt like things came in sharp focus and crystal clear but not visually (my eyes were closed) but energetically. This feeling of clarity persisted after the therapy. That same night I had a very long and intense lucid dream and my meditations became deeper than usual. I will be doing more of this therapy in the coming weeks.

Love or Above (Raising your vibrational Frequency):

Love or Above is one of the hottest programs in its category created by Christie Marie Sheldon who is an intuitive healer and medium specialising in raising people’s personal vibrations. In essence the program aims at teaching people how to identify and deal with energetic blockages but more importantly how to raise the so-called vibrational frequency and attune to more wealth, abundance, attract healthy relationships and good health.  The latter point about raising the vibrational frequency is of considerable importance, perhaps more important than healing oneself from energy blocks.

Energy healers see people as being into one of many energetic levels equivalent to ranges of vibrational frequencies. Emotions, our state of consciousness and life choices have everything to do with these energetic levels and our likelihood to move from one level to another. Recurring negative patterns of emotions and thought such as grief, shame, guilt, anger, mistrust in ourselves, etc will keep one anchored to a lower scale of vibrational frequency. Dissolving energy blocks such as those related to emotional attachments or beliefs can open us up energetically to move into a higher energetic frequency. So not only is the energy block resolved but you enter in a new ‘energetic state’ which is reflected back to the other aspects of your Self and consequently your life – Spiritual, emotional and physical Health, relationships, money and success being the most relevant.

 Check out Love or Above here

Daily Energy Practice:

This is more of a proactive thing to do – meaning that even if you do not experience any energy blocks, you will maintain a healthy bio-energetic balance. Every morning before I have breakfast I go through an exercise routine of Qi Gong and Tibetan Yoga. It is an invaluable part of my daily routine and a habit I am determined to keep. These exercises are like flexing your ‘energetic muscle’ and keeping you fit and immune to energetic imbalances.  I will not go through at length here since I have already wrote about these exercises here.

Listening to the Body:

Identifying possible energy blockages is the first but very important stage of the healing process. You cannot be cured without the proper diagnostics or at least before identifying that there is a problem in the first place. One way of doing this is by ‘listening’ to the body. Why? Because as I mentioned in the beginning, the same issue is reflected on different aspects of ourselves, the physical body being one of them.

Actually our body is pretty much of a reliable projection/manifestation of what is happening at other deeper levels of ourselves. The body is all the time listening and transmitting information – so we better take heed of what it is saying. For example, if you are passing through a moment where you feel powerless or overpowered, you would feel like a constriction in the chest area (the heart chakra area). Think about it for a while. The opposite is also true – when you feel empowered by love and respect you feel your chest like expanding. Other important areas to take heed of are the throat (5th Chakra), the stomach area (3rd Chakra) and the bowel area (2nd chakra).  These are very common areas where we physically feel what is happening energetically – quite literally!!

When you feel something is going on in those areas over a certain period of time – like feeling pressure or tightness – it’s a good indication that there is something that needs to be addressed on an energetic level.

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