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Croatian ‘Sea Organ’ Uses Wind And Waves To Create Surreal Harmonies



Architect Nikola Bašić thought up this brilliant idea back in 2005. After a new jetty was built in order to welcome tourists and cruise ships to this Croatian town they decided to create something awesome for everyone to enjoy.

At first the giant organ just looks like large marble steps going down into the Adriatic Sea, however, something much more incredible is going on. Below the surface lies a series of channels that are narrow enough to connect to 35 individual organ pipes!


Each of the giant steps holds 5 organ pipes and they are tuned specifically to be a different musical chord.

Nature has a chance to play us a song as wind and waves push air through the narrow channels.  The organ pipes will sing out a unique song onto the steps above.  Each unique sound that is produced is completely reliant on the strength of the wind or waves.  Another unique factor to nature’s song is the random timing of the waves.




Visitors who go listen in person find the sound to be “rather rhythmical and even hypnotizing.” and “hauntingly memorable”.

Every day the song is unique and different so even if you were to visit today the sound would be completely different than the recording below. You have got to hear this for yourself!

The Morske Orgulje of Sea Organ is an incredible, and unique feat of architectural design. A new fire of life has truly been sparked back into one of the world’s oldest’s cities.

This coastal Croatian city Zadar is 3,000-years-old and was almost completely destroyed back in World War II. Because of that time many of the ancient landmarks were lost forever.



After many years of rebuilding plain and concrete structures, the award-winning architect Nikola Bašić has decided to bring this coastal city back to life with unique and beautiful designs. We may have to all visit one day.

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