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EzGro Garden allows Anyone, Anywhere to Grow Crops Vertically



Texas resident Larry Johnson used to be a computer guy, however, after decided that he wanted to work out in nature he decided to get into vertical farming.  Larry was a regular guy and didn’t know much about plants at the time, but that didn’t stop him from designing a growing system similar to how he used to design software.

Larry ended up designing a modular, scalable vertical container garden that he calls an EzGro Garden which is a system that nearly anyone can use anywhere.  The best part is you can grow nearly anything with it!

Johnson’s “high-density vertical garden system,” as he calls it, is designed in a way that you can set it up anywhere and can grow almost any plant that you family desires.

Growing food is like growing money at home.  With this system, you can grow a garden on your deck, in your back yard, inside, in a parking spot, or on your roof!  The tower can be used to grow vegetables, greens, strawberries, cilantro or anything else that you like to eat.

See the magic behind the EzGro Garden is the fact that it is a hydroponic system which reuses the water that you put in there.  That way it uses a lot less water than a traditional garden would


Larry, who is now a farmer is showing off his 600-plant strawberry garden in the picture above.  He was able to fit all of the plants into only 15 containers which are stacked in a 2 by 18-foot plot.

The pots themselves are made out of recycled plastic which is mostly old milk jugs.  Larry has also been working hard to make the system more affordable and easy to use over the past 15 years.


Check out this 30-day time lapse of a plot that is around the size od a parking lot to see the awesome potential of this incredible design.


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