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Self-Sustaining Floating Home Offers a Perfect Off-Grid Getaway



floating home

We all need some time to relax and get away from everyday troubles and worries. Traveling is undoubtedly one of the best ways to escape from the routine of daily life. What can be more calming and relaxing than a weekend spent somewhere quiet in nature? It seems that there is a new innovation that could interest the lovers of quiet getaways, as well as off-grid enthusiasts.

A new innovative design called Floatwing allows you to enjoy a perfect off-grid getaway! Floatwing is a floating home which can move at a speed of 3 kt (3.5 mph / 5.6 km/h) using two small outboard motors. Thanks to the modular design, it can be easily stored and shipped to almost anywhere around the globe.

Created by the Portuguese engineering company Friday, this amazing self-sufficient home is aimed to achieve maximum energy efficiency by using environmentally friendly materials and taking advantage of green energy. Thanks to this, the Floatwing has a very low carbon footprint and covers 80% of its energy needs through renewable sources, mainly solar power. In fact, it can generate up to 100% of its annual energy demand in just six months. When fully charged, the watercraft is completely self-sufficient for at least seven days, including the energy needed to power the onboard appliances.

floating home

There are four configurations of Floatwing, which provide different levels of self-sufficiency. The best-equipped model is powered by solar and photovoltaic panels and has an advanced wastewater treatment system.

floating home

It is also possible to customize the layout of the floating home. It has a fixed width of 6 meters (20 feet) but can be stretched in length from 10 meters (33 feet) to 18 meters (59 feet). The interior area can also be configured between 28 square meters (301 square feet) and 52 square meters (560 square feet). Thus, being fully customizable, the Floatwing can become literally anything – from a daytime cabin for a weekend trip to a comfortable place for a long-term stay, equipped with up to three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

floating home

A romantic gateway for two, or a mobile house in the middle of a lake for the entire family or a group of friends, the possibilities are almost endless,” the Friday team told Dezeen.

Other facilities include a fully equipped kitchen, air conditioning, wine cellar, and a barbecue in the upper level of the watercraft. The heating is provided through a heat pump and AC generator, as well as a pellet stove. So the floating home is good not only for summer vacation but can be used in the cold season too.

floating home

Just like the tiny house movement, which has become extremely popular lately, the Floatwing offers a great concept of off-grid living, only that this time it is about living on the water.

Image credit: Friday

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