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10 Mantras That Will Get You Immense Peace Of Mind, Spirit and Energy



Mantra is a sound, a word or a phrase that has powerful meaning and significance. This is why the meaning of the words in a mantra are as important as their rhythm, tone, and cadence. Mantras work instantly. So if you limit your use of mantras to your daily/weekly meditations, you are losing so many opportunities to change your life by reaching a higher level of consciousness. Meditation and yoga work well when you need to relax and become more self-aware, whereas mantras are the vibration of mind in relationship to the Cosmos that unite and harmonize the mind, body, and soul.

1) Even when I am alone I will remember that I am connected to all

It can be hard to advance on your spiritual path if you feel separated from the universe. You are, after all, meant to be a part of a whole. This is true physically, spiritually, and emotionally. By repeating this mantra, you remind yourself of the connection that we have to source and to one another that can never be broken. This is an excellent mantra to use if you are feeling isolated, but also to use if you have a tendency to ‘go your own way’ too often.

2) I will find my path by helping others with theirs

One very important part of moving forward spiritually is becoming open to the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of others. If you can do this, you may find that you move more quickly down the path to full understanding than if you focus solely on your own growth. Repeating this mantra, you help create the needed openness to not only help others, but also to recognize those who are struggling.

3) I will not compound negative thoughts with shame

Very few of us have traveled far enough down our paths that we never have feelings of anger, jealousy, spite, or resentment. When we have these negative feelings it is important that we acknowledge them, understand them, and work to grow into a place where we have moved beyond them. However, it is just as important that we forgive ourselves for these feelings. Inwardly directed shame is just as damaging to conscious as outwardly directed rage.

4) I will accept everybody wherever they are

Of course, if we are going to be gentle with ourselves, we must work to be gentler with the people that we have contact with. This mantra reminds us not only to be kind but to also be accepting. If you find yourself going through a stage where you are taking things too personally or judging people, this is a great mantra to add to your arsenal.

5) I will look for and see beauty around me

It is so important to recognize beauty. Fortunately, it is all around us. There is aesthetic beauty in people, architecture, art, and nature. There is also beauty in human behavior, strength, and even frailty. When you train your eyes to see beauty try to learn the difference between looking at and seeing. In fact, when observed with an open mind, even the ugliest and most hateful things have beauty within them.

6) I will allow abundance and good to happen to me

If you leave yourself open to it, the universe is full of positive energy waiting to flow through you. All you need to do is maintain spiritual openness to let that happen. The more positive energy and spiritual abundance you open yourself to receive, the happier you will be.

7) I will treat my mind and body as they deserve to be treated

As long as we have physical and emotional needs, both our minds and bodies will need attention. Self-care is so important. Please use this mantra as a reminder to take care of yourself. You are important, and should not feel guilty for making yourself a priority. Repeat this mantra daily if you tend to mentally and spiritually neglect yourself.

8) I will dwell only on thoughts and emotions that help me grow

You cannot grow spiritually if you allow yourself to become stuck on unproductive thoughts and emotions. Repeat this mantra to remind yourself to make a dedicated effort to recognize negative thoughts and emotions and to train yourself to focus on positive feelings.

9) I will seek truth and knowledge

It is so tempting to fill your mind with gossip and other garbage that is passed off as entertainment. Now, there is nothing wrong in any case with enjoying movies, television, and other forms of entertainment. However, the problem comes when you replace learning and truth seeking with entertainment. This mantra will help you focus on seeking the truth in every case.

10) I will laugh and contribute positive energy to the universe

Achieving a higher level of consciousness does not mean that we have to be serious all of the time. Humor and laughter are two things that lift our spirits and the spirits of the people around us. When we laugh, we contribute positive energy to the universe. This helps us along our path, and it helps others along their path as well. If you find that you tend to be too stern and too serious, repeat this mantra during your meditations.

Hopefully, some of these mantras will help you expand consciousness and awake your inner awareness. You can also create your own mantras by finding areas where you need spiritual wisdom and positivity by thinking of something beautiful, positive, and affirming that you can repeat to yourself. Soon, you will notice the growth that you are seeking.

Featured image: Tote Orozco

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