California Town Accidentally Misspells Stop Sign

(TMU) — But without government, who would misspell the road signs?

Images of a California stop sign painted on the pavement at a four-way intersection in the town of Lemon Grove have gone viral.

Why? Because the “word” ‘STPO’ was painted in tall white lettering across the asphalt. As you might expect, it was actually supposed to read ‘STOP’. Yes, that very same word you learned how to spell in the first grade.

Directly to the right of the typo—mere feet from where a grown adult misspelled the basic 4-letter-word—stands a bright red octagon sign with the word STOP spelled correctly on it.

No, this was not a prank by teenagers with nothing better to do. Lemon Grove officials issued a statement on Tuesday saying that the mistake was made by a contractor and that the typo was swiftly corrected.

“The City of Lemon Grove is performing its annual contracted street rehabilitation work to resurface city streets. As part of the rehabilitation contract, a sub-contractor is hired to perform the striping and sign legends. The sign legend that was misspelled was part of the work that was completed by the striping contractor yesterday. City staff was informed of the spelling error late last night and reached out to the striping contractor early this morning to fix the error. The error has been fixed.

As part of the contract, Statewide Stripes, Inc. is responsible for 19 locations city-wide of which 7 have been completed. Unfortunately, human error was made as part of yesterday’s work.

We received one notification from a resident through our online service request form and a lot of media attention.

Lemon Grove is pleased we were able to bring a smile and levity to everyone’s day.”

By S.M. Gibson | Creative Commons |


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