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These Tables Were Transformed Into Incredible Succulent Gardens

Succulents and cacti are awesome plants and seem to have become more popular as awareness grows of their hardiness, unique shapes, colors and sizes.



(TMU) – Succulents and cacti are awesome plants and seem to have become more popular as awareness grows of their hardiness, unique shapes, colors and sizes.

The word succulent (sucus in Latin) means ‘juice’ or ‘sap’ and is an apt description for these plants. They are drought resistant and adapted to survive through dry and arid conditions by storing water in their leaves, stems and roots. The leaves are typically thick, fleshy and plump to help conserve water which allows them to survive through long, harsh droughts. Cacti are succulents too, but of a unique subset of the succulent group and their thick fleshy water storing stems with a prickly or hairy coating and few or no leaves makes them easy to distinguish from other succulents.

Succulents are found in desert or semi desert areas all over the world, and now, in gardens and homes across the globe, people are creating beautiful succulent gardens, big or small, to suit their lifestyles.

Where once succulents stayed mostly outside, typically planted in rock gardens or pots, times have changed! People are creating stunning succulent gardens using all manner of everyday, found or created items as planters with amazing effect.

Succulent tables have become a trend being both practical and beautiful. Glass top tables of all sizes are being converted into gardens with basic, and sometimes more elaborate modifications. If you’re not up to making your own, Blooming Tables, based in San Diego know a thing or two about creating blooming tables…

According to, Dustin Anthony, founder of the company, these tables are perfect for people with smaller homes without traditional garden space. Succulents do need good light and a blooming table facing a sunny window would be ideal, or alternatively placing a lamp over them, or adding luminous light bulbs.

Succulents are planted in the gaps or flaws of a wooden table (old or new) for a total transformation. Just remember to choose pants that fit or that will grow into the spaces. When they grow too big, replant them in another special spot and replace the empty table spot with another, smaller plant. To reduce replanting trauma, Anthony advises that “plants tend to do better when you pull them from a similar environment that you are moving them to.’’ Definitely a good point to bear in mind when visiting succulent nurseries for plants for your planned garden.

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Blooming Tables was started from Anthony creating his own DIY tables. “We saw the beauty in housing our plants indoors this way and set out to develop a product that would solve a lot of the problems that come with an at-home build,” explained Anthony, adding that although DIY projects might be beautiful, it is important to consider the functionality and stability of a table project to avoid disaster.

If a DIY table seems a bit daunting, consider other vessels to convert. A hanging succulent garden planted in a box frame, for example, could be used hanging on a wall or sitting on a table. Any interesting shape could hold succulents, they don’t necessarily need to be very deep either.

Old ceramic or porcelain basins, wine barrels or hollow tree stumps, branches and driftwood, can be transformed into a glass topped tables or décor accents. Because, beauty!

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