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Incredible Drone Footage Catches A Tornado Destroying A Kansas Town in Full HD

Reed Timmer’s drone video demonstrates the impressive—and destructive—nature of the tornado.



There have already been 472 verified tornadoes in the year 2022. Despite the fact that Kansas residents are used to coping with violent storms, a recent twister in a Wichita suburb was a memorable experience, to say the least.

Dr. Reed Timmer, a storm chaser and severe weather expert, was on site to provide an unrivaled perspective of the tornado, which lingered on the ground for 21 minutes and went approximately 13 miles across the area.

His drone video demonstrates the impressive—and destructive—nature of the tornado that hit Andover that day.

During the evening of April 29, the tornado devastated Andover, Kansas, a suburb of the city of Wichita. Despite the fact that sirens warned residents of the risk that afternoon, drone operator and tornado chaser Reed Timmer — as shown in video captured by DroneDJ — viewed the warning as a chance for him to go to work.

Andover Tornado in Kansas
Dr. Reed Timmer via YouTube

Timmer, on the other hand, is more than simply a drone pilot. He also has a PhD in meteorology. The tornado footage from Andover, Massachusetts, might be his finest performance to yet.

It was Timmer who first shared the remarkable high-definition film on Twitter, and it has now gained widespread attention on social media. Within 21 minutes of touching down, the tornado had damaged roughly 1,000 houses in Kansas and lifted automobiles to new heights.

Destruction of the Andover Tornado
Dr. Reed Timmer via YouTube

Fortunately, there were no deaths as a result of this EF3 tornado, which had speeds of up to 165 miles per hour and caused widespread damage. Timmer’s drone film, which spans nine minutes, shows how swiftly the tornado gained speed and carved a trail of devastation over the landscape. As the storm makes landfall near Andover, Kansas, visible debris is left flying in the air. It’s astonishing to witness the tornado moving at such a rapid rate. Timmer also shared close-up film of the tornado captured on the ground, which is equally fascinating to behold.

“I can’t even describe how calm/laminar the atmosphere was around the Andover tornado. Hardly even a breeze felt by the drone. Exactly what was expected with being so close to a tornado like that touching down via dynamical pipe.”

View the video here:

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