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Johnny Depp Laughed As Amber Heard Claimed His Breath “Stunk Of Weed And Alcohol”

Heard testified in court that Johnny Depp’s breath smelt like weed and alcohol while on a trip from New York to Los Angeles



Amber Heard testified in court that Johnny Depp’s breath smelt like weed and alcohol while on a trip from New York to Los Angeles, and Depp was spotted chuckling throughout the hearing.

During her second day of presenting her evidence in Depp’s ongoing defamation case against her, she was asked about a flight. Depp claims that the actress implied in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that he had assaulted her, and the actress denies the accusation.

Heard, who had boarded the aircraft in New York, said in court that she recalled waiting on the runway for a long time after it arrived in Boston to meet Depp, who was waiting in an SUV nearby.

While on the aircraft, Heard said Depp reeked of marijuana and booze. Heard then claimed Depp started interrogating her and asked if she had anything she wanted to share with him.

She testified: “We take off and at some point he’s asking me what’s wrong with me, do I have something to tell him… I already know that he’s drunk, I already know he’s using. He reeks of weed and alcohol, I mean his breath smelled so bad and I could anticipate that there was a no-win situation here.”

Depp seemed to be looking down throughout Heard’s statement, but when she made the remark about his breath, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor could be seen breaking a grin and exhaling with laughter, according to witnesses.

During her subsequent remarks, Heard claimed that most of her participation in conflicts between herself and Depp was her ‘trying to diffuse,’ but she was cut off by an objection from Depp’s legal counsel.

According to Heard, she attempted not to interact with Depp on the flight and limited her responses to the very bare minimum, at which point Depp reportedly went on to ask her whether she loved kissing James Franco, with whom she was collaborating at the time, and if he had ‘slipped her the tongue’, Heard claimed.

Following Depp’s alleged interrogation, Heard said that she was forced to switch seats on the aircraft and that Depp would throw ice cubes and spoons at her. He allegedly ridiculed her and slapped her in front of his friend, and when she moved again, he kicked an armchair, which struck her in the hip.

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