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Yoga Influencer Deported For Posing Naked Under Sacred 700-Year-Old Weeping Tree in Bali

“Trashy tourist. Go home!”



Some Western influencers who use the stunning temples and landscapes of the “Island of the Gods” for provocative social media material are unaware that they may end up in hot water.

Social media influencer Alina Fazleeva, also known as Alina Yoga to her thousands of fans, published images on her social media account, where they were quickly discovered by Balinese entrepreneur Niluh Djelantik, who called on the authorities to act.

“She should be responsible for the cost of the cleaning ceremony to be carried out by villagers.” Ms Djelantik said. “Trashy tourist. Go home!” she said in a later post.

Djelantik said that Alina had stripped down naked and stood in front of the kayu putih, a 700-year-old weeping paperbark tree to take photos for her social media account. It is one of Bali’s most recognizable trees, known as Kayu Putih, or “white wood,” is located behind the Babakan Temple in the Tabanan area.

After Ms Fazleeva posted the photographs, which outraged Balinese Hindus, she and her husband Andrey will be deported and forbidden from visiting Indonesia for six months.

Alina seems to be perched on the tree’s trunk, her bottom and breasts pushed against the tree’s massive roots in the photographs. As the giant tree is considered sacred to locals, the nude images have since caused outrage.

Both of them are proven to have carried out activities that endanger public order and do not respect the local norms. They will be sanctioned with deportation”. Said Bali immigration chief Jamaruli Manihuruk.

Alina has issued an apology for the images that caused the uproar on her Instagram page. Posting on her social media account to her now 28,000 fans, Alina says she made a “big mistake. There are a lot of sacred places in Bali and not all of them have information signs about it, as in my case. It is very important to treat these places and traditions with respect”

The young influencer also stated; “I apologize to all Balinese and Indonesian people, I regret my actions. I’m so embarrassed, I didn’t mean to offend you in any way, absolutely no knowledge of this place. I just prayed under a tree and went straight to the police station to explain this incident and apologize.”

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