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Johnny Depp Attacked For “Inappropriate” Behavior At Concert As Jury Trial Verdict Looms

He has been criticized for his “inappropriate” behavior.



While Johnny Depp waits for the decision in the defamation trial he is now facing against his ex-wife Amber Heard, he has been criticized for his “inappropriate” behavior.

After being seen performing on stage in Sheffield and London, many individuals have taken to social media in order to criticize the actor who plays Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Journalist Eve Barlow’s tweets on the matter have gone viral: “So Johnny Depp is on tour with Jeff Beck. He played in Sheffield tonight, and will likely play the Royal Albert Hall in London tomorrow and Tuesday. That’s the domestic abuse victim waiting for his defamation case verdict. The one who’s been cancelled.”

She continues: “Trolls: ‘He’s moving on with his life, she should too’. She can’t. She has to wait for a verdict. He’s on tour. It wasn’t about the verdict for him. It was about the opportunity of a trial to further his abuse. Whatever the verdict, he continues freely. She does not.”

In defending her views, the journalist added: “I don’t care who you believe or who you don’t believe, one person is subjected to global public vilification, incessant death threats and harassment, and it’s – once more – the fault of the public.”

“How dare you support mockery, violence and dehumanization of a woman you don’t know.”

In agreement, others respond: “Yeah, performing two nights in a row definitely shows that Depp is traumatised by this trial. Definitely. Not.”

“Johnny Depp, a self-proclaimed spokesperson for beaten men, is currently on tour with Jeff Beck in the UK,” another agreed. “That same Johnny Depp who was also whining about being cancelled. While Amber Heard can’t even attend an event without having a panic attack. Think about it.”

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