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Flooding Hits Las Vegas: Multiple Casinos, Entire Strip, Airport Under Water

People were seen getting rescued from their cars.



Las Vegas Flooding

Flood warnings were in effect Friday for Las Vegas after airports, parking lots, and the entire Las Vegas Strip were flooded overnight as a flash flood and severe thunderstorm warning was issued by the city.

Twitter users posted videos of the streets of Las Vegas hit with flash floods after strong winds, lightning and heavy downpours struck the city. Some videos showed water gushing into casinos and downtown streets turning into small rivers.

People were seen getting rescued from their cars.

In one video that has been circulating online, water can be seen dripping through the ceiling of the Planet Hollywood Casino on Las Vegas Boulevard. Using their phones, employees can be seen capturing the frantic scenes.

Footage also shows the famous Caesar’s Palace being flooded as well. The ceiling was unable to hold the water, and it spilled onto the carpets.

The flooding comes during the heart of monsoon season for the area. Southwest desert regions can receive all of their annual precipitation in just a matter of days. Las Vegas has been more dry than usual, causing the parched ground to behave like concrete during a night of heavy rain.

A Las Vegas resident by the name of Alexander Wolf told the New York Post that he saw “curtains” of rainfall coming down outside of his window.

“Lightning was nearly constant, and the power went out several times,” Wolf said. “Electric surges set the fire alarms of several buildings off, causing fire responders to have to head out into the storm to respond to them.”

Local airports are still experiencing delays as a result of the flooding.

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