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Killer Whales Attack Each Other at SeaWorld as “Blood Soaks Water” and Kids Watch in Horror

A young child can be heard saying: “How is the orca still alive?”



Killer Whales Attack Each Other at SeaWorld

Shocking video footage of the moment killer whales at San Diego’s SeaWorld appear to begin attacking each other has been uploaded online by the organization PETA, which is dedicated to protecting the rights of animals.

A guest was able to capture the horrifying scene on their camera. Two killer whales can be seen in the video thrashing around in the water. Blood began to seep out into the water, according to an eyewitness, and an injured whale then appeared to “beach” itself, which is a behavior that experts describe as being “very unusual.”

There is even a moment where the voice of a young child can be heard wondering aloud, “How is the orca still alive?”

The child adds: “I thought they help each other, not fight each other.”

Describing the horrifying scene, another eyewitness—who was visiting the park with their children—painted a picture of a bloodbath, which left their kid in tears.“We all immediately saw blood soaking the water, which triggered my nine-year-old daughter to start crying,” they said.

“We would see bite marks and fresh wounds all over the side of the whale. Every couple seconds, two [or] more orcas would jump out of the water to [continue] attacking the hurt orca.”

Since then, PETA confirmed it has lodged a complaint with the United States Department of Agriculture regarding SeaWorld’s shocking treatment of animals.

The new footage was released just a few days after another killer whale that was housed in the park succumbed to an infection and died.

Nakai passed away on Thursday (August 5) evening.

According to reports, Nakai had been imprisoned in a tank for the past two decades, during which time other whales had tormented him.

It’s not known whether the whale in the video depicted is Nakai or not.

“In two days, one orca has died and another has been attacked by other frustrated, closely confined orcas, resulting in a serious injury,” said PETA’s Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “And young children were witnesses to the carnage.”

“Marine parks condemn orcas to miserable conditions—small, barren tanks that don’t allow them to swim at high speeds or dive great depths as they would in their natural habitats—causing them extreme stress and frustration,” the animal rights group added.

“On top of that, it’s not uncommon for incompatible animals to be housed together in these tiny tanks, where they have nowhere to escape conflicts with other frustrated or aggressive animals.”

Since then, SeaWorld has claimed that Nakai’s death was because of her having “come into contact with a section of the pool.”

SeaWorld also claimed what happened in the video released by PETA is just normal killer whale behavior.

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