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Woman Captures Source of Mysterious Loud Boom in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming on Video

Hundreds of people heard an unexplained explosion today that caused buildings to shake.



Mysterious Loud Boom

On Saturday morning, hundreds of individuals in at least three states, including Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, reported hearing a loud boom that seemed to come out of nowhere.

A number of people across social media wrote about a huge “explosion” powerful enough to shake windows that caused buildings to shake.

Salt Lake Valley emergency dispatchers received many reports of a loud boom, but at the time said they were unaware of anything that could have been attributed to the noise.

The University of Utah Seismology Stations officials were also receiving calls regarding the unexplained loud boom, and they determined that an earthquake was not the source of the noise.

Additionally, officials with the Utah National Guard confirmed the boom was not part of military training.

The incident took place at approximately 8:30 a.m. EDT.

At first, people suspected the loud boom was just military jets breaching the sound barrier, while others feared that it was caused by an earthquake.

Some speculated that the sound was brought on by a meteor bursting into flames while traveling through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Turns out, they were right.

A Twitter user uploaded a video that appeared to show a meteor flying through the sky in the seconds before the eruption.

By the time the National Weather Service (NWS) in Salt Lake City quote tweeted the footage, it had essentially been confirmed.

Satellite lightning detection systems, according to the officials, were able to pick up both the flash and the tail of the meteor.

During its passage across the sky, the trail left behind by the meteor could be seen for around three to four seconds through a break in the clouds.

The NWS in Salt Lake City also tweeted an image “bolstering the meteor theory” behind the mysterious loud boom.

KUTV employee Matt Blank ended up posting a different video that also captured the source of the loud boom.

“My money is on high altitude meteor that blew up when it hit the atmosphere,” he tweeted.

In response to Blank’s video, Governor Cox agreed that his viewpoint was most likely the accurate one.

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