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Mystery Virus Infecting, Killing Dogs Within 3 Days — 30+ Already Dead in One County

The state of Michigan “is in a panic right now.”



Virus Killing Dogs

Dogs in Michigan are suddenly dying from a mystery virus with parvovirus-like symptoms, state health officials warned this week.

It first appeared in Otsego County but has since been begun spreading to other counties in Michigan.

Curiously, the state’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development only recently started getting reports from animal control units and veterinarians regarding sick dogs that test negative for the canine parvovirus while displaying signs of the disease.

On Friday (August 19), an article published in the Clare County Cleaver quoted the country’s Animal Control Director, Rudi Hicks, as saying the virus was killing dogs within three days of exhibiting symptoms, and that it is thought to have likely originated in the state of Louisiana.

Hicks also reported to the Clare County Board of Commissioners that the sickness had already claimed the lives of more than 30 canines in only Clare County alone as of Thursday (August 18).

She added that it is currently unknown how the virus spreads.

“They don’t know anything,” Hicks revealed. “The state is in a panic right now.”

Hicks cautioned people who own dogs to keep them away from other canine companions and to avoid taking their pets to dog parks or walking them in public places.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, symptoms associated with canine parvovirus include a lack of appetite, bloating, fever, hypothermia, vomiting, and severe diarrhea

While parvovirus does not spread from person to person or from animal to animal, experts don’t know anything about the new mystery virus in Michigan.

So far, the majority of dogs who have been diagnosed with the mystery virus have been younger than 2 years old.

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