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Indian Police Officer Goes Viral Wearing Coronavirus Helmet To Help Raise Awareness of Staying Home


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Coronavirus Nurses Nationwide Protest Over Lack of Protective Equipment to Fight Pandemic

National Nurses United released a video of ER nurses detailing their harrowing exp...

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Rent Strike

As April 1st Nears and Coronavirus Crisis Continues, Demand to “Cancel Rent” Swells

Landlords could be looking at the possibility of a widespread rent strike....

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Chelsea Manning Will Be Set Free From Prison, But With Over $256,000 In Fines

(TMU) — Activist and whistleblower Chelsea Manning will finally be released from...

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‘Earthships’: The Most Fire-Resistant Buildings Ever Could Make Rebuilding Safer in Bushfire Zones

(CONVERSATION) — Recent disastrous bushfires have rebooted debate about how to...

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Cat Photos

An Anonymous Hero in the UK is Covering Vile, Racist Graffiti With Lovely Cat Photos

The identity of the activist remains unknown....

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2020 Nobel Peace Prize

Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning Nominated for 2020 Nobel Peace Prize

"We wish to nominate Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden for the 20...

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Hacktivists Leaktivists

Leaktivists Pose “Significant Threat” at Same Level as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, US Gov’t Warns

This comes as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is set to face trial for extraditio...

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A 15-Foot Tall Garbage Monster is Roaming Parking Lots in Florida

A giant garbage monster is sounding the alarm on using plastic bags....