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With Tourists Gone, Australian Scuba Tours Are Planting Coral on Great Barrier Reef Instead


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Thousands of Israelis Protest Emergency Powers While Maintaining Social Distancing

The organizers required everyone to wear masks and had them spaced out several fee...

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12 Ways Communities Are Taking Care of Each Other During the Pandemic

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to...

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Stand Against Poaching and Get a Chance to Name a Baby Rhino in Africa

By entering the name raffle you will help to raise funds to keep the rhino safe!...

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Indian Police Officer Goes Viral Wearing Coronavirus Helmet To Help Raise Awareness of Staying Home

(TMU) — Rajesh Babu, a police inspector in the southern city of Chennai has crea...

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Coronavirus Nurses Nationwide Protest Over Lack of Protective Equipment to Fight Pandemic

National Nurses United released a video of ER nurses detailing their harrowing exp...

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Rent Strike

As April 1st Nears and Coronavirus Crisis Continues, Demand to “Cancel Rent” Swells

Landlords could be looking at the possibility of a widespread rent strike....

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Chelsea Manning Will Be Set Free From Prison, But With Over $256,000 In Fines

(TMU) — Activist and whistleblower Chelsea Manning will finally be released from...

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‘Earthships’: The Most Fire-Resistant Buildings Ever Could Make Rebuilding Safer in Bushfire Zones

(CONVERSATION) — Recent disastrous bushfires have rebooted debate about how to...