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Climate Strike: Millions of People Across the World Demand Urgent Action to Save Our Planet


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Will Smith Leonardo Dicaprio

Will Smith and Leonardo Dicaprio Are Joining Forces to Save the Amazon

DiCaprio’s foundation has already raised at least $5 million for efforts to pr...

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Greenpeace Activists Shut Down Busiest Fossil Fuel Transportation Hub in US

According to Greenpeace, the nearly two dozen climbers "intend to remain secured i...

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A British Woman Just Married a Tree and Even Changed Her Last Name

"My dad has been very supportive. He's been out in his van helping to organize eve...

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Formerly Enemies, Brazil’s Indigenous Groups Unite to Defend Amazon From President Bolsonaro

“Today we have only one enemy, which is the Brazilian government, the president ...

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Hong Kong Withdraws Extradition Bill

Hong Kong Withdraws Extradition Bill as China Bows to Protesters After Months of Outrage

"We all hope to find a way out of the current impasse and unsettling times," said ...

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Residents Rally to Keep Recreational Marijuana Out of Their Town

Not everyone is happy about the changing times....

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Watch: Hong Kong Protesters Use Lasers to Disrupt Facial Recognition

Hong Kong protesters are shining laser pointers at police in order to disrupt thei...

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Puerto Rico Governor Resigns

Puerto Rico’s Governor Forced to Resign After Weeks of Mass Protest

On Monday, 400,000 people took to the streets of San Juan and demanded Ricardo Ros...