Aaron Nelson

Publishing Editor & Manager

Aaron Nelson became the Publishing Editor of The Mind Unleashed in June 2018. His experience in the online media industry began in 2014 when he founded The Pontiac Tribune. He specializes in WordPress management and newsroom operations.

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Iran Invites All Countries Who Lost Citizens in Ukrainian Plane Crash to Join Investigation

Under international law, the investigation into Ukrainian flight PS752 should be h...

Iran Missile Attack

Iran Hits US Military Base in Iraq With Ballistic Missiles

It has just been confirmed that Iran has hit a US military base in Iraq with "tens...


There’s No Surveillance Video of Epstein’s Apparent “Suicide”: Report

Law enforcement officials said on Sunday that there is no surveillance video of Ep...

Israel Bombing Gaza Russian Troops Venezuela

Russia Urges Israel to Stop Bombing Gaza as Trump Warns Putin to Get Out of Venezuela

Moscow has expressed deep concern regarding the latest wave of airstrikes carried ...

Common Ground Media Summit

Activists and Journalists Unite in Houston to Save Independent Media

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Independent/Alternative Media Activists and Journalists Uni...

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Envision Festival

Envision What You Really Want in Life to Witness the Magic of Reality

“Just be a part of change. Envision the change.” ~ Andrew Sealy How do...

Monsanto Weedkiller

Judge May Overturn Decision to Hold Monsanto Accountable for ‘Cancer-Causing’ Weedkiller

Learning that a judge may overturn their historic decision to hold the chemical ...


No War With Syria: List of Emergency Protests Happening Now in the United States

Below is a list of local emergency actions compiled by Women’s March on the...