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Meditation Brain

Meditation Changes the Structure of Your Brain in a Positive Way, Studies Show

There’s no right or wrong way to meditate....

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Global Meditation for Peace

Call to Action: Global Meditation for Peace on January 26

“If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a PRO-PEACE ...

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The Many Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

Meditation has been extensively studied for its benefits in helping people overcom...

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Why Meditation Can Help You Overcome Depression For Good

Doctors and psychiatrists are well-versed in the science of antidepressants. They...

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Scientific Proof the Next Global Meditation Can Change the World

In more than fifty scientific studies conducted for more than 40 years, it has bec...

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How Music and Meditation Address Memory Loss

(Josh Richardson, Prevent Disease) Meditation training program can have measurabl...

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True Meditations Should be Effortless – Are Yours?

“Meditation is a subtle, barely perceptible stream, in which you will experi...

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Meditation Gaining Popularity in Prisons to Change the Lives of Inmates

The Manhattan County District Attorney’s Office in New York City will be the lat...