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This 3 month old puppy was beaten and left paralyzed, but her transformation will inspire you



An innocent puppy named Ashley wandered onto a Florida man’s yard sometime last year, a that moment that changed her life forever. The orphan puppy was about three months old at the time. This evil man, who has not been named, decided to do something horrible to this little puppy for ‘trespassing’ on his property: he literally stomped on the poor pup to ‘teach it a lesson’, severely injuring her.

She did not die from the injuries despite this man’s greatest efforts to kill her, but the beating left her legs and back fractured, rendering her paralyzed from the tail down. An alert neighbor who witnessed the incident quickly ran out to try to help Ashley, rushing her to a nearby humane society for emergency care to repair her injuries. She went under for surgery, but unfortunately veterinarians couldn’t repair the paralysis she suffered. The humane society tried to press charges on the man who stomped on her, but were unable to provide enough evidence to convict him.

But this wasn’t the end of Ashley’s story.

According to, the animal rescue that took Ashley in:

In spite of all that Ashley suffered, she was still a sweet and kind dog. The humane society thought that she would make a great therapy dog for hospitals and nursing homes. After living in a foster home for several months, that humane society realized that Ashley needed care that a foster caretaker could not provide. Her leg muscles, ligaments and tendons had frozen into place, making it difficult for her to rest or move comfortably, and causing painful pressure ulcers to develop.

An Internet search led the humane society director to Home for Life. Of special interest was our Pet Peace Corps program that involves animals in community outreach. Not only would Ashley receive the care she needed at HFL, but she might also fulfill her therapeutic potential!

See the awesome pictures of this inspiring transformation below.


Ashley was just a puppy when she wandered into a man’s yard as a stray. To punish the puppy for “trespassing,” he repeatedly stomped on her. His neighbors interceded in time to save her, but it left the back half of her body paralyzed for life.


She was understandably afraid of people, but after a lot of extra love and affection, she became an irresistibly sweet little girl.


Ashley was fitted up with a cart as soon as she got a little bigger, allowing her more mobility.


She took to it quickly, and soon started playing with the other dogs in the Home for Life meadows.



Ashley started training to become a therapy dog, visiting hospitals and nursing homes.


Ashley made a lot of friends, and became the leader of her own little pack. Her pack is the most energetic, romping group of dogs at Home for Life.


Here is Ashley in the winter time. You can see that her disability doesn’t stop her from having fun.


Ashley receives daily massages for her legs, and new bandages.


Ashley now has the chance to be the happy, playful girl she was always meant to be. She lives at Home for Life and participates in therapy outreach programs that benefit children, veterans and the elderly.

At Home for Life, she is promised expert medical care and lots of love, with no fear of being put down prematurely for her paralysis.

For more on Ashley’s story and Home For Life, the pet sanctuary where Ashley lives, visit their website

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