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JK Rowling Donates a Whopping $19 Million to Multiple Sclerosis Research


Tiny Homes

Best Friends Build Tiny Town so They Can Retire and Grow Old Together

They pooled their money together to build a small town comprised of tiny sustainab...

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Florida Man Bahamas Hurricane

Florida Man Spent $50,000 on Generators and Food for Bahamas Hurricane Victims

The Florida man asked to remain anonymous, because he wasn't seeking any kind of a...

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Rescue Dogs Bahamas

Woman Rescues Nearly 100 Dogs in the Bahamas During Hurricane Dorian

Chella Phillips, an animal shelter owner in the Bahamas, has taken in 97 abandoned...

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This Metal Jewelry Blocks Facial Recognition Software From Tracking You

On the surface, Incognito appears to be a piece of contemporary brass jewelry akin...

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Humans Waking Up

Good News: The Humans Are Finally Waking Up

"More and more people are waking up—having real, authentic glimpses of reality."...

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Billionaire Planet

Billionaire Intends to Buy 15% of the Planet to Protect It

Billionaire Hansjörg Wyss has pledged to donate a billion dollars towards environ...

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Big Sisters

10 Reasons Why People Who Have Big Sisters Are Really Blessed

There’s nothing more precious than having a big sister....

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Bizarre Forest ‘Superorganism’ Keeping Trees Alive That Should Be Dead, Study Finds

The new information “dramatically changes our view of forest ecosystems as ‘su...