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Man Scales Hospital Wall to Be With His Mother During Her Last Dying Breaths From COVID-19


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People Flock To Get Tattooed By This 103-Year-Old Filipino Traditional Tattoo Artist

She was born in 1917, making her 103 years old. What makes her even more remarkabl...

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These Old Grain Silos Were Converted into A Unique Farmhouse

Instead of starting from scratch, they used what was already on the farm, in this ...

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Dad’s Honest Review of His Daughter’s ‘Restaurant’ Goes Viral

Chris decided to have lunch at a new establishment, very new and very nearby....

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First Baby Koala Born In Australian Wildlife Park Since Devastating Bushfires

The Australian Reptile Park has good reason to celebrate, welcoming the first koal...

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100-Year-Old WWII Veteran in Virginia Triumphs After 60-Day Battle Against Virus

A 100-year-old American veteran who survived World War II is being celebrated afte...

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Incredibly Loyal Dog Waits at Hospital Every Day for 3 Months After Owner Dies of Coronavirus

For one dog in China whose owner fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic, his unyi...

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Dreaming of a Visit to Japan? The Government Might Pay for Half of Your Trip to Jumpstart Tourism

Japan officials are reportedly considering a plan to pay half of the travel expens...

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You Can Build Your Own Customizable Bee Home For Free With IKEA

The projects goal is to assist people worldwide to design and download a Bee Home,...