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In Denmark, Empathy is Taught to Students Aged 6 to 16


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Rubber Road

Mexican Student Invents Rubber Road Pavement That Self-Repairs When Exposed to Rainwater

It could save billions of dollars on costs for governments and construction compan...

Keanu Reeves Lonely Guy

Keanu Reeves Appears in Public With a Girlfriend for the First Time in Decades

This is the first time in decades that Keanu has brought a girlfriend out in publi...

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Palestinian Solar Power Gaza

Meet the Young Palestinian Woman Turning Sunlight Into Power in Gaza

"Instead of wasting time complaining about how bad our situation is, I prefer to s...

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The Battle Against Bewitchment: Upsetting Settled Minds

“Philosophical thinking that doesn’t do violence to one’s settled mind is no...

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Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge Makes History Smashing Through Two-Hour Marathon Barrier

(TMU) – In a victory punctuated by the joy of spectators who knew they had j...

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Sesame Street Introduces a Muppet Who Has a Mother Addicted to Opiates

The creators say they wanted to cover this topic on the show because of the millio...

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Indiana Church Completely Wipes Out $7.8 Million in Medical Debt for 6,000 Families

Wow! This Indiana church has raised the bar of community service....

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Palestinian Plumbers

Palestinian Plumbers Refuse to Charge Elderly Israeli After Learning She’s a Holocaust Survivor

“Her life story touched my heart ... I decided I won’t take a cent from her,...