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Join the Largest Ever Synchronized Gathering for World Peace, Happening NOW



Today, September 21st, 2014, hundreds of thousands of people across the world will join together with the intention of spreading peace, ending wars, and healing our planet. We will rise above the artificial boundaries that may separate us  and unite ourselves into ONE people, ONE human race, strong and powerful in our intentions. Please join in and help us spread this wave of healing and love across the planet, our efforts are required now more than ever!


Sponsored by Unify, 1 Giant Mind and many more activist organizations, today will feature one of the largest synchronized collective meditations for peace that has ever happened on planet Earth. It is believed that by having so many people meditate together on a single intention at the same time, we can have a profound impact on our global consciousness and create energetic shifts on the planet. August 8th broke the world record for 100,000 people meditating for peace, and it is hoped that even more people will get involved and send their energies and intentions towards peace and healing today.

The global synchronized meditation will be held at NOON PACIFIC TIME and Unify will be streaming
an audio broadcast with guided meditations and messages from spiritual leaders and peace activists on their website
. If you haven’t already, join the Facebook Event page for more details. They also provide this graphic so that the international community can coordinate their efforts:


In addition, people are also encouraged to gather at NOON in their local time zone to meditate and create a wave of peace that will sweep across our planet!


Along the with global synchronized meditation, there is also a massive and unprecedented wave of local activism happening, including hundreds of organizations hosting marches, musical celebrations, local meditations and other events expected to attract thousands of people. To find out about events in your area, visit the Interactive Global Peace Map, Unify and


There are also several large scale events being held today like the EarthDance Global Peace Party, which is hosting numerous musical events on every continent. The Center for Planetary Culture is also hosting the People’s Climate March in New York City, expected to be the largest climate march in history. While the event is being held in New York city to be timed with the U.N. Climate meeting there, events and marches will be taking place across the globe promoting environmental justice and equality to deal with ecological crisis facing our planet.


Each of us CAN make a difference, especially when we join a community of like-minded people in a push for peace, justice and equality. It is up to YOU to get involved, and to put your intentions into creating a better world, whether you are at home today meditating for peace, dancing in celebration of the Earth, or marching in the streets with thousands of people. The time has come for us to stop separating ourselves with “us” and “them” from nation to nation and recognize that we are all ONE, one species, one people, one love, and one planet. We must wake up and join together to find solutions, to create communities, to work for progress, to demand a world without war, and to become the very best version of ourselves. Even a small amount of your effort can make TODAY the single greatest day of activism in the history of our planet.






Dr. Kelly Neff is a social psychologist, author and educator who has helped thousands of people learn about healthy relationships, love and sexuality. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Georgetown and M.A. and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. A professor of psychology since 2007, she has become an innovator in the field of online teaching with her book, Teaching Psychology Online and her YouTube lectures. Her articles on love, sex, spirituality and wellbeing have been featured by wellness websites like MindBodyGreen, The Mind Unleashed and more. Dr. Neff also gives workshops, lectures and integrative healing services that combine psychological techniques, empowerment training, Reiki, and other alternative therapies. When she isn’t writing, teaching or doing healing work from her home in Boulder, CO, Dr. Neff travels the globe researching transformational festivals for her upcoming book for the Festival Research Project. You can find her daily doses of inspiration and positivity on Facebook and Twitter. Light and Love! 

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