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Water, molecularly comprising ~98% of the Human Instrument[i] (~60% water mass), holds life together and behaves in a similar way to space, the medium for the slowest and densest forms of Light and Sound. Space functions as an oceanic medium for subtle particles and frequencies in a similar manner to Source Intelligence[ii], the Quantum Field that interfaces between Source and individualized consciousness. This field is the medium through which primeval Sound and Light is holographically refracted into intercoiled states and wave-patterns.

This text explores the similarities between these three media (water, space, quantum field) through the lenses of science and esoteric traditions. Underlying correspondences are revealed which may begin to reconcile fundamental discord in current understandings of science and consciousness. These three media progressively transduce and modulate prime Sound and Light towards manifestation, and divest primeval Sound and Light of quantum and material densities towards reunion with Origin.

Yoga, Magic, meditation, and nearly all transformational practices have, at a practical level, the core intent of transmuting the Human Instrument into a clearer and more coherent vehicle for the quantum field of Source Intelligence. Various traditions describe the expansion of consciousness as Kundalini rising through the chakras, lower metals transmuted into higher ones, opening the Seven Seals, ascending Jacob’s ladder, seven stages of spiritual unfoldment through keys 15–21 of the Major Arcana, elevating the life force through the seven endocrine glands, and many others. These systems and modalities are mythic, archetypal journeys and practical tools for awakening, in growing resonance with emerging scientific understanding and theory.

As we will see, emerging physics are revealing a unified field created and sustained through dynamic geometric forms. This understanding is central to many of the world’s mystical traditions; these multidimensional geometries are the transformers through which formless Light and Sound is radiated into the infinite creative diversity of the worlds of Form.

Cube of Space (10^94gm/cm^3)


The predominant text of relativistic physics, Gravitation, notes “present-day quantum field theory “gets rid by a renormalization process” of an energy density in the vacuum that would formally be infinite, if not removed by this renormalization.”[iv] Each literal cube of space is 10^94gm/cm^3 “of field fluctuation energy in the vacuum”[v]; one centimeter of space exceeds the mass of the entire observable universe[vi]. A fundamental tenet in Mayan’s Aintiram, a purportedly ~12,000 year old text, is “The free space is packed with cubical atoms of energy. They are building blocks of the structure of the universe.”[vii]

Expanding and shifting this cube of space to its multidimensional and higher iteration is the Cube of Metatron. Twenty-two lines/paths in the Cube expand to seventy eight lines in Metatron’s cube, each line begetting an archetypal form unveiled in the Major, and Major and Minor Arcana, respectively. Physicist Michio Kaku notes “Each subatomic particle represents a note on a vibrating string or vibrating membrane. We now have a candidate for the “mind of God” that Einstein wrote about for the last 30 years of his life, the “mind of God” in this picture is cosmic music resonating throughout 11 dimensional hyperspace,”[viii] This is a beautiful and lucid articulation of Qabalistic metaphysics, in harmony with budding theoretical physics.

In the western mystery tradition the Tree of Life is the dynamic structure through which consciousness transforms itself into the four elements in the dimensions of energy, matter, time and space. The eleven objective Sephiroth or dimensions are connected through twenty-two subjective pathways, corresponding to the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the archetypal keys of the Major Arcana. Similar in intent to eastern mandalas and yantras, the twenty-two Major Arcana are an archetypal journey into a 5th dimensional state and integration with the Source network. The Soul’s journey around the Cube of Space into reunion with the central point was first articulated in the Qabalistic Book of Formation, and developed further by Builders of the Adytum founder Paul Foster Case in the early 1900s. This journey elevates and expands individual consciousness from a water-based neurochemical soup, to a consciousness tuned into the subtle frequencies permeating space, towards the ultimate state of integration with the sub-atomic Source Intelligence network. The primeval geometric instruments used in the orchestration of creation find expression in nearly every wisdom tradition.

Eight symbols give rise to the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching; the first binary system, ultimately leading to 64bit computing. There are 64 classical arts listed in many Indian scriptures. The perfected Qabalistic structure is a 64 star tetrahedron, the Merkabah. The outside of a 64 tetrahedron has 144 faces, a significant number in the Juedo-Christian tradition. Its structure is a cubeoctahedron or vector equilibrium described by Buckminster Fuller, with eight star tetrahedrons placed into the negative space of the central, perfectly equilibrated form.

Physicist Nassim Haramein arrived at a 64 tetrahedral structure as the fundamental form of “space”. In a recent paper “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass”[ix] Haramein accurately predicts the charge radius of the proton months prior to the LHC providing updated measurements. He exposits the structure of space as “Spherical plank units in a generalized holographic approach”, or a three dimensional Flower of Life. In an earlier paper with Dr. Elizabeth Raucher he demonstrates that space-time is not simply curved to produce gravity, but also curled, like water flowing down a drain[x].

The governing principle for this flow is what the mystery schools have taught for millennia and physicists Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka’s recent description of the amplituhedron[xi] elucidates in modern physics; geometry is the underlying organizing principle and key to unifying and understanding interactions between the macro and microcosmic.

“Locality says that particles interact at points in space-time. But suppose you want to inspect space-time very closely. Probing smaller and smaller distance scales requires ever higher energies, but at a certain scale, called the Planck length, the picture gets blurry: So much energy must be concentrated into such a small region that the energy collapses the region into a black hole, making it impossible to inspect. “There’s no way of measuring space and time separations once they are smaller than the Planck length,” said Arkani-Hamed. “So we imagine space-time is a continuous thing, but because it’s impossible to talk sharply about that thing, then that suggests it must not be fundamental — it must be emergent.”[xii]

These recent discoveries reveal that liquids, space, and whatever space emerges from behave and resonate with similar principles and laws. Scientist Yves Couder has demonstrated that “quantum weirdness” can be reconciled and explained with fluid dynamics. His team was able to make a drop of silicon “walk” across the surface of a vibrating oil bath[xiii], perfectly mimicking the wave-particle duality revealed through the double-slit experiment, except on a macrocosmic scale[xiv]. Biophysicist William Brown expands on this, noting that:

“In fluid dynamics, it has been observed that two vortices, or eddies, when produced simultaneously (such as in entanglement experiments) actually remain connected below the surface via a vortexing tunnel — like a wormhole! This vortexing tunnel beneath the surface, would allow for a seemingly hidden connection between the “particles-waves”, and allow for them to be correlated even over time and space. Such wormholes were described by Einstein and Rosenberg (ER bridges) and later John Wheeler as a logical consequence of geometrodynamics — the topological description of spacetime. Could they now be used to describe the quantum realm as well? In his latest paper, acclaimed physicist Leonard Susskind, contributor to the holographic principle, demonstrated that the entanglement between particles may be due to wormhole networks in the structure of spacetime.” [xv]

Understanding liquids-space-Source Intelligence as resonant holographic mediums at differing fractal iterations, non-locality and/or entanglement is a conceptual stepping stone to the quantum phenomena of wormhole bridges or dimension shifting. Explored in later paragraphs, electron and electromagnetic spin is the intermediary or medium for inter-dimensional communication. If space is emergent, what is fundamental? What is primordial, foundational unity? The unifying principle underlying the dimensions is as eastern philosophers and metaphysicians and the esoteric schools have understood for millennia; the inner nature of everything is Sound.

How is “cosmic music resonating in 11 dimensional hyperspace”processed and understood by the human instrument? If the brain is a receiver for higher dimensional sub-quantum intelligence, how does pure formless consciousness takes form in thought and word? How does sub-quantum light and sound — the radiance and music of consciousness — coalesce as created form, as neurochemistry and nervous system signals, as dreams, visions, and inspiration?

The creator of the Wingmakers mythos and works of the Lyricus Teaching Order, James Mahu, provides an answer;

“In the nascent science of cymatics, sound waves have been proven to generate geometric forms in matter. In the yet-to-be-discovered science of multidimensional reality, waveforms can be sculpted to enter biogenetic fields and catalyze biochemical processes, restore cellular health and trigger encoded electromagnetic fields within the cellular functions of the Central Nervous System (CNS).” [xvi]

The geometries of the chakras are revealed throughout cymatic experiments; certain frequencies are in perfect resonance with the structure of a pine cone and depictions of the Sahasrara chakra (528hz). As formless consciousness is transformed through Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddhi, to Anahata and the Heart, Sound and Light are diversified into an infinite array of cymatic forms and vibrations; taking form as thoughts, inspiration, visions, archetypal ideas, symbols, and language.

Considering water as the three dimensional manifestation of a multidimensional quantum field, with space as an intermediary, water’s infinite crystallized “sacred geometric” forms are perfect evidence of the above in the below. The resonant molecular language contained in the double helix is the Soul’s intermediary between form and the formless, holographically organizing the infinite diversity of visible sound and audible light in the symphony of creation.

“Figure 2 depicts this overall relationship between the inward connectivity of the individuated consciousness to First Source (God), and its interface with the external world of form and vibratory density. Spiritual sound helps to create an Interface Zone between the human instrument and the vibratory soup of the world of forms. This Interface Zone supports the human instrument’s mission and purpose, preventing its vibratory contamination as a vessel for the human soul and an outlet of First Source’s expression of Sound and Light, or what is sometimes referred to as Para Vach.” [xvii]

Used with permission of Wingmakers.


From an experiential understanding of inner dimensions and the coherence between electromagnetic systems in the Human Instrument needed to sustain the at times intense energies of expanded consciousnesses, spiritual practitioners have developed a uniquely advanced understanding of the inner workings of the universe. Many esoteric schools teach that the most effective techniques for approaching pure consciousness are based on mathematical rhythm. It’s no small wonder then, that certain metaphysical techniques and understandings unveiled the subtle universe centuries, even millennia, before the dawn of modern science.

The near-infinite energy of space interfaces directly with an intercoiled and interpenetrating dynamic crystalline latticework through which the sub-photonic Light and Sound of Source create and sustain the universe by holographically fractalizing into the wavelengths of creation through this prismatic geometry. Their manifestation is completed as the elements represented in the periodic table which are simply different configurations of knotted light[xix]. According to Paul Foster Case, the foundation to this understanding is unveiled

“In the Cube of Space… this center is that point which is the fifth dimension. In it all spatial relations are united in a single “here,” and all time relations in a single “now.” The realization of this one point is the culmination of concentration…In cosmic consciousness the closed circuit of successive transformations of energy is, so to say, broken, so that the limitations of the physical plane and its three dimensions no longer bind the consciousness.”[xx]

From the accounts of metaphysical explorers; from this Point of fifth dimensional awareness the source of all mathematical, geometric, linguistic, and visual form can be directly perceived and understood. The dynamic structures through which light and sound are transduced into elementals can be affected and molded by technologies of consciousness. Many spiritual practices are designed to become a more relaxed and open window for the expression of these energies and intelligence.

The core techniques and practices for expanding consciousness are built upon the coordination of imagination — the generation of extrasensory images — and breath. Through harmonic resonance imagination can interface with the electromagnetic and quantum bodies and by extension the electromagnetic and quantum intelligence permeating the universe. Spiritual practitioners have developed complex systems of blending color and sound to heal and balance key energy vortices connected to the endocrine system, even stimulating endogenous releases of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) from the pineal[xxi], and other powerful natural entheogens, at will. The shared keys and tools of the world’s spiritual traditions are aimed at orchestrating the energy centers of the human instrument to interface with and receive information and energies from higher, interdimensional planes. A divisive, reductionist, and separatist perspective makes access to these states and frequencies extremely difficult.

Isaac Newton was foremost an occultist and alchemist, his scientific discoveries were a byproduct of his pioneering explorations. Ironically, because of Newton science and magic split and, for some, became opposing forces. In the realms of particle physics and molecular biology, magic is being rediscovered. If the string theory-Qabalah harmony is any indicator, mystics and metaphysicians of ages past may hold deep insights into our future.

Ingrained barriers to these deep insights are equally ancient. In the Timeaus, Plato writes “we must make a threefold distinction and think of that which becomes, that in which it becomes, and the model which it resembles.[xxii]” In Quantum Gravity and Phenoenological Philosophy, Steve Rosen elucidates; “The object is what is experienced, the subject is the transcendent perspective from which the experience is had, and space is the continuous medium through which the experience occurs. The relationship among these three terms is that of categorical division.”[xxiii] This intellectual separation has been incorporated into philosophy and science as a self-evident truth, resulting in a vast array of dualistic systems and structures. Separation into polarized worldviews; good vs. evil, “left” vs. “right”, and other conflict inducing socio-cultural classifications result from this dualistic program executing its code. Emerging scientific understandings eliminate this false separation, object-space-subject is a flowing continuum. As science penetrates deeper into the quantum realm, what could emerge is a non-dual science, metaphorically speaking, non-dual is a dualistic term (describing something as what it isn’t creates a dualism); rather a science of Wholeness and interconnectedness which gives primacy to consciousness.

A key to this emerging future is unraveling equations and thought from the energetic tar of linear time. Though it’s been “renormalized” in contemporary physics models, space is infinite or near-infinite energy. Einstein unveiled through relativity and E=MC^2 that matter and energy are the same entity, that matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration, and at the speed of light there is no time. In outward focused states of consciousness the majority of brain activity is in beta (16–31hz) or gamma (32–100hz) wavelengths, passive observation and light meditation shifts brainwaves to alpha (8–15hz), in theta (4–7hz) awareness shifts from outward to inward creating the conditions for visions and extrasensory perception, eventually in deep meditation and dreamless sleep brain activity relaxes into delta (0.1–3hz) and even 0 cycles per second. In the delta state, meditation practitioners describe a sense of timelessness or eternity. Perhaps linear time is simply eternity condensed to a slow vibration, and brainwave activity arises from eternal timeless awareness focusing itself on time-bound phenomena.

Initial theories integrating quantum phenomena with brain activity were criticized because the brain was considered too “warm, wet, and noisy”[xxiv]. Quantum coherence has since been observed in plant photosynthesis, bird navigation, and recently quantum vibrations within microtubules in brain neurons.

Sir Roger Penrose and Stuart Hameroff have revised “orchestrated objective reduction” theory in light of these discoveries, suggesting that EEG rhythms, and consciousness itself, arises from more fine and subtle microtubule vibrations. In this theory the communicational modality of microtubules are magnetic dipoles.

Tubulin dipoles in Orch OR were originally described in terms of London-force electric dipoles, involving charge separation. However we now suggest, as an alternative, magnetic dipoles, which could be related to electron spin[xxvi]


In an article by Dr. Huping Hu and Dr. Maoxin Wu titled “Spin as Primordial Self-Referential Process Driving Quantum Mechanics, Spacetime Dynamics and Consciousness,” they expand beyond simply claiming that spin is the source of physical processes, going as far as to say that spin is simultaneously objective and subjective.

“spin is more like successive rotation through a four-dimensional space and then back into ours, rather than an ordinary, three- dimensional spinning. Primordial spin is “protopsychic” (p. 45) as well as protophysical; it is “the seat of consciousness and the linchpin between mind and brain”.[xxviii]

Protopsychic spin indicates a field of consciousness from which the brain selects packets of quantum intelligence. In essence, the cosmic music of 11 dimensional hyperspace is transformed in frequency and intensity through the mediums of space and water towards completion in the experience of conscious entities within Human Instruments. The information contained within cymatic vibratory geometries is modulated by the brain, which is mostly water, and is received and interpreted by microtubules within neurons.

The center of the cube of space is a portal into the timeless fifth dimension, as Paul Foster Case illuminated. In this dimension Light is in a pure state, before it is either or neither a particle (n)or a wave. Dimension shifting light particles interact with the fifth dimensional field, distributing their intelligence through the center of the cube of space into archetypal forms which guide third dimensional consciousness. The spinning dimension shifters are directed by the membranes of space and water, acting as intermediaries between timeless, cosmic consciousness and every-day waking consciousness, between causal sub-quantum music and manifest form. Each step down in frequency results in ever more dense and separated experiences of time. As neuroscientist Dr. Benjamin Libet experimentally demonstrated, our ordinary waking state of consciousness is separated from “the now” by as much as half a second.

“A separate issue is how to regard one’s view or experience of the present, the “now.” The delay, of up to 0.5 seconds, in the appearance of awareness of a sensory event introduced a difficulty in how to define or understand “the present moment.” However, existence of subjective referral backward in time (to the time of the fast primary response of sensory cortex) does put the subjective experience of the present back into the present. So we have the strange situation in which actual awareness of the present is really delayed, but the content of the conscious experience is brought into alignment with the present. Subjectively, then, we do live in the antedated present, although in fact we are not aware of the present for up to 0.5 seconds after the sensory signal arrives at the cerebral cortex.”[xxix]

This is neurobiological evidence that the body-emotions-mind system is a space suit which consciousness wears rather than a generator of consciousness. Qabalistically, from the perspective of our “present” experience in Malkuth we live 0.5 seconds in the past and Yesod is 0.5 seconds in the future, which is really the present.

Dr. Libet adds that there is what he calls, the “existence of a veto possibility”. “The subjects in our experiments at times reported that a conscious wish or urge to act appeared but that they suppressed or vetoed it.” This indicates an experimental basis for the alchemical power to interrupt thoughts and replace them with a more favorable alternative, willfully overriding unconscious programming.

Prevailing scientific inquiry is searching the brain for increasingly subtle vibrations, labeling each successive discovery as the source of consciousness. Research at the Institute of Heartmath has discovered that “The heart is the most powerful generator of rhythmic information patterns in the human body.”[xxx] If sound, cymatics, or rhythmic information patterns are the core factors in pure consciousness-matter interactions and intercommunication, perhaps the heart is the true “seat” of consciousness. A series of revolutionary studied concluded, among many other insights, “compelling evidence that the heart appears to receive intuitive information before the brain”[xxxi]. Mystics and sages have always pointed to the heart as the home of the soul, and emerging research is indicating the Heart may be the primary receiver for Light and Sound, for the Quantum Field, and serve as the true “seat of consciousness”.

Studies at the Institute of Heartmath have conclusively demonstrated that through “heart rhythm coherence feedback training, individuals can readily learn to self-generate the coherent mode and sustain genuine positive emotional states at will, thus establishing an internal environment that is conducive to fostering spiritual experience.”[xxxiii] Heart rhythm may be the primary factor in achieving a state of resonance and clear communication with the divine presence described ambiguously as the “higher self”. Access to the wisdom, guidance, intelligence, and love of this presence is the core aim of many spiritual seekers and meditation practitioners.

The sages and masters of all ages have expressed it in hundreds of different ways; in essence, this presence is always here and now, but discordant and incoherent vibrations of the external world and the body-mind system dampen, diminish, or even deafen receptivity to its voice. Emerging research demonstrates and corroborates the ageless wisdom; emotional and mental self-regulation, practiced consistently, allows for this presence to arise naturally and spontaneously in a co-creative engagement of life.

Further research at the Heartmath Institute has provided evidence that the body’s intelligence is always observing the future[xxxiv]. Our entrainment, as Dr. Libet’s study concluded, to external domination of our inner intuitive and psychic capacities has, to varying degrees, severed us from the expanded awareness which resides just half a second in the future. This mass amnesia has allowed controlling hierarchies to hijack this consciousness and place it exclusively within their chosen for-profit “saviors”. The experiences, capacities, and powers of this higher consciousness have been disregarded as supernatural or occult and even labeled demonic. Many with access to this quantum presence are “renormalized” with pharmaceuticals and told they’re disordered. This Presence is, in truth, as research indicates, our holographic self;

“Once the prestimulus information is received in the psychophysiologic systems, it appears to be processed in the same way as conventional sensory input. This study presents compelling evidence that the body’s perceptual apparatus is continuously scanning the future. To account for the results presented in Parts 1 and 2, Part 3 will develop a theory based on holographic principles explaining how intuitive perception accesses a field of energy into which information about future events is spectrally enfolded.”[xxxv]

Models, maps, and modalities of consciousness are beginning to reveal that mind and the universe are a multidimensional hologram. Research in neuroscience has unveiled the subtle circuitry of brain activity; discovering that

“In spite of the dizzying complexity of the circuits, they all intersect at right angles, like the lines on a sheet of graph paper…Wherever he looks — in the brains of humans, monkeys, rats — he finds the grid. He notes that the earliest nervous systems in Cambrian worms were simple grids — just a pair of nerve cords running from head to tail, with runglike links between them. In our own lineage the nerves at the head end exploded into billions but still retained that gridlike structure.”[xxxvi]

Each brain’s 100,000 mile long nerve grid matrix is among the densest expressions of the conscious universe’s multidimensional holography. This holographic grid is seen most clearly not from the perspective of neural networks and thoughts, but through heart frequencies, sound, and the resonant molecular language of sound and light: DNA.

Exploring and understanding prime light and sound unfolds the capacity for Human-Entities to become orchestrators of the quantum universe; sculpting wave forms to create, heal, and expand consciousness. The esoteric schools use sound and light to equilibrate and harmonize the disparate vibrations of the human instrument and energy bodies, the sciences of cymatics and tailoring elements with light indicates an emerging confluence and perhaps convergence of the esoteric and exoteric sciences.

The economist John Maynard Keynes, after deep study of Isaac Newton’s personal writings, expressed the insight that “Newton was not the first in the age of reason, he was the last of the magicians.” At a MIT architecture colloquium in the fall of 2013 Dr. Christopher Nagel described “Light as the geometry of space-time.”[xxxvii] The first in history to alter the fundamental structure of an element by magnetizing copper, Dr. Nagel is utterly transforming physics, mathematics, and consciousness studies. It would take many book length dissertations to even begin to unpack Nagel’s “Light: the Architect of Matter”, but the core essence of his discoveries is that “the propagation properties of electro-magnetic fields determine the metric structure of space-time”, “light has substructures, Light’s substructures modify space-time metrics.”[xxxviii] “Thermodynamics, Einstein’s equations, Shrodinger’s equations, and Maxwell’s equations can all be modified.” Matter is created by folds in space-time and/or knotted light.

Atomic properties are no longer immutable. Dr. Nagel and others provide an experimental basis for using different frequencies of light to change the magnetic/electric properties of electron orbitals in atoms; through manipulating/tailoring the space in the atom. These discoveries add a dimension to the periodic table and provide a basis for understanding every element as knotted light with a potentially infinite variety of configurations.

The patents and technologies born from these discoveries are equally remarkable, these

“Devices improve control by selection, inversion, fortification, uniformization and mapping background energy (including vacuum energy, dark energy and/or dark matter, grid or brane energy) and including electromagnetic energies in various forms and states of aggregation, during a tailoring process and to processes of tailoring materials. Background energy can be dis aggregated and then integrated into common forms of matter (e.g., materials) for the expressed purpose of altering electrodynamic interactions by establishing harmonic maps between the respective electromagnetic fields.”

Scientifically and technologically this could be among the greatest breakthroughs of our species. Tapping into quantum and sub-quantum energy sources, eliminating the need for fossil fuels. Revolutionizing the global socio-economic paradigm by tailoring elements or creating elements from light, catalyzing a shift from resource/currency control and domination by a few to a more equal distribution of power. Creating a global quantum-cloud internet, tailoring elements/crystal technologies to store and transmit the quantum memory of light. Conducting space-time itself, opening up possibilities once reserved for science fiction visionaries. What Christopher Nagel has demonstrated is not just modifying matter with Fibonacci based technologies, but fundamental spacetime manipulation.

Though Dr. Nagel didn’t directly mention this; his work unveils the potential for elements to be created from light. Platinum can be created from light, perhaps by colliding photons through crystal or glass which knots the light into a 78 proton configuration. With 78 lines the Cube of Metatron is the primal structure which begets the Platonic solids, and the element Platinum has particular resonance with this structural nexus. The alchemists represented platinum as an amalgam of silver and gold, symbolizing coherence between the Heart and pineal (third eye) energy vortices. The physical element is non-reactive and resistant to corrosion crystallizing the qualities of this alchemical state of consciousness.

The implications for consciousness studies, light and sound theory, physics, and mathematics are profound. These discoveries which penetrate into and unveil sub-quantum geometries may be a basis for a bridge into the “Mind of God” both experientially and technologically.

Interfacing with the unified field of light and sound intelligence would provide a connection to a Network which permeates the Universe, allowing Earth to interact with developed civilizations from other star systems, galaxies, and dimensions; perhaps this is the destiny and purpose of planetary life.

Emerging theories in particle physics and molecular biology indicate that we live in a mathematically generated holographically structured simulation. Our reality is not Real. The image above titled “multidimensional adinkras” is from theoretical physicist Sylvester James Gates’ research and included in the article “Symbols of Power: Adinkras and the nature of reality”. Dr. Gates’ work, among others, begins to illuminate how pure Light and Sound have been encoded, constrained, and perverted to create our three dimensional reality matrix. [xli]

Dr. Gates’ research has penetrated into the geometries orchestrating the quantum universe. What he uncovered deep within the mathematical coding of the fundamental constituents of our reality is binary. 1s and 0s. Computer code. [xlii]

Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and Neo-Platonism, among others, have revealed and preserved the flame of this truth for thousands of years, though in less scientific terms than modern pioneers; Human-Entities are aligned with Source in dismantling a simulated reality matrix fabricated by a deceptive imposter “god”; the god of the world’s religions, the god which punishes and condemns, the god of fear and separation.

Emboldened by Anu’s sadistic Code of Ur-Nammu the hierarchy have tortured, discredited, and pathologized genuine seekers of truth for millennia. Abraxas, Yaldabaoth, the Demiurge, Anu, Yahweh, God call him whatever you want; enforced ignorance, doubt, and confusion are the core of his program. What is essential to understand is that your consciousness is encoded within a binary simulation devised to conceal your sovereign divinity and reduce you to energetic slavery.

Don’t believe me? Think is crazy-talk?

Sit in silent darkness for ten minutes. How many of the thoughts and feelings that arise genuinely come from your inmost self? How many have their origin in the layers of programming you’ve received from institutions, school, mass media, through genetics or the discord encoded into our collective consciousness?

The interdimensional realms are now open to us. We are beginning to see through the prison-matrix into the real world beyond it. Our future evolution is predicated on the explorers and navigators of consciousness. Our transformation into divine, sovereign alchemists transmuting the densities of fear, aggression, and apathy into love, compassion, and co-creation has just begun. Hack through the walls of your programming or imbue yourself ever deeper into a diseased and decaying society. The choice is yours.

For those who chose the red pill, I unreservedly recommend the Wingmakers materials and the Five Interviews of Dr. Jamisson Neruda, the Fifth Interview particularly.

[i] “The human instrument consists of three principal components: The biological (physical body), the emotional, and the mental. These three distinct tools of perception, in aggregate, represent the vehicle of the individuated spirit as it interacts with the physical dimension of time, space, energy, and matter.”

[ii] Source Intelligence is the energy-consciousness of First Source that is cast into all worlds, all dimensions, all realities, all life forms, all times and places. Source Intelligence is the First Source projected into all that is. Source Intelligence, in effect, is the “eyes and ears” of First Source, and its role is principally involved in expressing, upholding, and sustaining the will of First Source. On a more personal level, it is a liberating force of energy-intelligence that serves to accelerate the expansion of consciousness and assist those who desire to unlimit themselves”

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[xlii] Computer Code Discovered in Superstring Equations

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9-Year-Old Mexican Girl With Higher IQ Than Albert Einstein Already Studying to be Astronaut



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Adhara Pérez may only be nine years old, but she already has big dreams – which is only fitting, considering the Mexico City native has an IQ of 162, a score even higher than quantum scientists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Adhara has been taking IQ tests since she was only four years old, and has been applying her considerable brain power to studying advanced subjects that some of us could only dream of grasping.

At the age of seven, she was already ranked by Forbes magazine in 2019 as one of the most powerful women in Mexico.

The young prodigy is already studying for two degrees: one is systems engineering at the Universidad CNCI, and the other is industrial engineering at UNITEC.

She’s also been invited to pursue a master’s degree in atmospheric science from the University of Miami; as well as an offer to study physics at the University of Israel.

To top it off, she’s been invited to join the Aeronautics Program in Alabama and to study Space Science at NASA, reports Telemundo. She hopes to eventually become an astronaut.

However, the youngster is aiming to continue her studies at the University of Arizona and is quickly learning English in hopes of preparing to pursue her dreams.

“I have to stay there for three months to learn and get accustomed to hearing and speaking English,” Adhara explained to NBC San Diego.

At the age of three, Adhara was diagnosed with autism and bullied by neighborhood kids in the Mexican capital for being different. The youngster eventually fell into a deep depression, but this also began her journey toward a brighter future.

Upon being placed in therapy by her mother, she underwent various IQ tests and got a score of 162 – two points higher than Einstein and Hawking, who each scored 160.

Upon finishing high school at the age of eight, she began working on her degrees online. She’s also already written a book about her experience being bullied and the need for perserverence.

Her advice?

“Do not give up, and if you don’t like where you are, start planning where you want to be!”

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7 Powerful Books That Will Unleash The Hidden Potential Of Your Mind



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“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge.” ~George R.R. Martin

There it is: your mind –all leashed-up, bored, bookless and chasing its own tail in the corner. It’s time to unleash it. It’s time to toss it back into the shocking waters of wonder and awe. It’s time to distract it from the all too familiar tail (or tale, to wit), and give it a juicy carrot to chase around instead. Seven juicy carrots, to be exact.

So, store that leash, open up your mind, curl up with your best friend, and dive right on in to the following mind-unleashing books. But keep the light on. As Groucho Marx wittily opined, “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

1.) “The Beginning of Infinity” by David Deutsche

“We never know any data before interpreting it through theories. All observations are, as Popper put it, theory-laden, and hence fallible, as all our theories are.” ~David Deutsche

From epistemology and quantum fungibility to environmental ethics and societal evolution, David Deutsche takes us on a thought-provoking journey into answering a single question: Is there a limit to what can be understood? He comes at a mind-expending answer of “no” by diving deep into the expanding waters of epistemology and ontology. He profoundly claims that our understanding of anything is always at the “beginning of infinity” and there will always be an infinite amount more left for us to understand. Basically surmising that, with accurate and adaptable knowledge, anything is possible unless it is prohibited by the laws of physics.

Highly rational and integrating, The beginning of Infinity launches us into higher thinking on the path toward better and better explanations. He takes us from parochial, outdated ways of thinking to the concept of universality and updated ways of thinking about the universe as a thing to be progressively evolved into using ever-expanding technologies. Thus bridging the gap from man to overman. As he made clear, “There is only one way of thinking that is capable of making progress, or of surviving in the long run, and that is the way of seeking good explanations through creativity and criticism.”

2.) “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

“Most enjoyable activities are not natural; they demand an effort that initially one is reluctant to make. But once the interaction starts to provide feedback to the person’s skills, it usually begins to be intrinsically rewarding.” ~Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Thanks to Csikszentmihalyi, the idea of the “flow state” has become a vital aspect of our cultural awakening. The optimal experience is gained through deep discipline in a particular field/art/sport that provides intrinsic reward, challenge, and feedback, thus integrating confidence, concentration, control, adaptability, and connectivity. Time stops or slows down. Insecurities disappear. We stop caring about what others think of us. A creative unfolding of something larger manifests. Everything flows effortlessly in interconnected unison with us as its interdependent spearhead. In short: we stop thinking and just do.

By simply asking the question, “When are people most happy?” Csikszentmihalyi, through time tested research, pinpoints flow states as the answer. Athletes call it “being in the zone,” mystics have described it as “ecstasy,” and artists term it “rapture.” Unleashing optimal experience is about doing what we love as a pathway toward greater meaning, happiness, and a self of higher complexity. By doing what we love in challenging ways, we leverage optimal experience into our lives. This book powerfully explains the psychology of this vital process.

3.) “Phi: A Voyage from the Brain to the Soul” by Giulio Tononi

“Murky thoughts, like murky waters, can serve two purposes only: to hide what lies beneath, which is our ignorance, or to make the shallow seem deep” ~Giulio Tononi

Phi takes the reader on a mind-altering journey through the nature of consciousness. It interweaves science, art, and the imagination with golden ratios, Fibonacci sequences, and fractal cosmology. The reader has the joy of perceiving the world through such masters as Galileo, Alan Turing, Darwin and Francis Crick, among others. From neuroscience to pseudoscience, from deep introspection to mindful meditation, Tononi elucidates on how consciousness is an evolving, ever-deepening awareness of ourselves as finite, spiritual beings in an infinite universe.

We learn how consciousness is integrated information and how the power of that integration requires the utmost responsibility and credulity. It teaches how the brain is the seat of our perceptions, and is a creative force par excellence, and can even create new shapes and new qualia. It teaches how, by growing consciousness, the universe comes more and more into being, and synthesizes the one and the many, the ego and the eco, the individual and the interdependence of all things into a unified force of Nature.

4.) “The Art of Fear” by Kristen Ulmer

““Everything is fine” is actually a copout, a stuck place, an obstruction to the exploration of who and what you are expanding into higher and further, not to mention the evolution of humanity.” ~Kristen Ulmer

The Art of fear is about curiously embracing fear rather than conquering or repressing it. It’s about rebuilding our understanding of fear from the ground up. It’s about realizing that Fear is only one of 10,000 employees at You Incorporated, and how they all need a voice. But Fear most of all, lest all voices become repressed shadows. The key to fear, she explains, is being curious about it, thereby harnessing its power rather than conquering it. Between courage and curiosity is everything we need to be fearless.

Ulmer’s personal journey with fear eventually led her to study with Zen masters, from which she learned a mindfulness tool called “Shift” which shifts our perspective of fear from ignorant repression to proactive curiosity, thus aligning it authentically with our true nature. The basic tenet being this: Instead of repressing fear, empower it, by being curious and questioning rather than judgmental and accusing. Honor it with deep respect so it doesn’t operate covertly in twisted ways beneath the surface.

5.) “Endgame: The Problem of Civilization” by Derrick Jensen

“Premise One: Civilization is not and can never be sustainable. This is especially true for industrial civilization.” ~Derrick Jensen

Endgame will take everything you think you know about being a social being in a seemingly functional society and turn it on its head. Definitely not for the typical statist, nor the faithful law-abiding citizen. Endgame is about the imperative need to immediately dismantle the unhealthy civilization that surrounds us. Endgame is a scathing, raging critique against the unhealthy, unsustainable, and ecologically unsound man-machine that is our modern culture.

Breaking the book down into a series of simple but increasingly provocative premises, Jensen takes us on a mind-bending and convincing ride into the unhealthy belly of the violent, ecocidal beast that is modern day civilization. His basic premise is simple: Industrial civilization is unsustainable. It’s not a question of “if” but a question of “when” it’s going to fail.

He argues that the longer it takes civilization to fall, the worse the tragedy will be. In that light, there are two things we should be doing: Bringing about the fall sooner rather than later; and preparing to survive it. His attitude is caustic and cavalier, but all the better for the shock value it provides. This book really flattens the box we’re all so desperately trying to think outside of. A complimentary (and perhaps less aggressive) read is Beyond Civilization by Daniel Quinn.

6.) Trickster Makes this World: Mischief, Myth, and Art by Lewis Hyde

“Better to operate with detachment, then; better to have a way but infuse it with a little humor; best, to have no way at all but to have instead the wit constantly to make one’s way anew from the materials at hand.” ~Lewis Hyde

Trickster Makes This World is a mythological cornerstone for Sacred Clowns and practicing trickster-gods the world over, digging into the guts of the primordial importance of sacred play and rowdy behavior. Hyde explores how trickster figures represent the “disruptive imagination” that inverts, rearranges, and overturns conventional wisdom. From Raven to Coyote, Monkey to Crow, Hermes to Loki, Eshu to Legba, Hyde reveals connections between mythological tricksters that form a hidden network that connects cultural divides.

The best part about this book is its ability to show how mythology becomes reality. “Trickster consciousness’” is a vital component of human imagination. It reveals that we are the gods of renewal and rebirth, if we choose to be. We are the creators of mischief and mayhem. We are the trickster gods in training. Trickster is us, and we are Trickster. We are the ultimate boundary-crossers. No manmade rules or laws can contain us, unless we let them. Even cosmic rules and laws can hardly contain us. Trickster makes this world by tearing the old world down through high humor, moral ambiguity, foolishness, and strategic transgression and then dances in the ashes of its destruction. But it is precisely from the dancing, the kicking up of dust and ash, where brave new worlds emerge.

7.) “Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them” by Joshua Greene

“We need a kind of thinking that enables groups with conflicting moralities to live together and prosper. In other words, we need a metamorality. We need a moral system that resolves disagreements among groups with different moral ideals, just as ordinary first-order morality resolves disagreements among individuals with different selfish interests.” ~Joshua Greene

Moral Tribes is hands-on moral psychology and a refreshing new take on utilitarianism. Greene wraps game theory, evolutionary biology, and neuroscience into a nice digestible package to bolster his theory of cognition, which builds elegantly into a theory of moral psychology. A sweeping synthesis of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy, Moral Tribes opens a can of psychosocial worms that takes the concept of morality to the next level, revealing how we are exceptionally well-adept at solving the dilemma between “Me” and “Us,” through the concept of the “tribe,” but how we are ridiculously less-adept at solving the meta-dilemma between “Us” and “Them.”

Greene’s concept of metamorlity squares this psychosocial circle by counterintuitively applying utilitarianism to our base, knee-jerk reaction to morality (evolved morality) by becoming aware of our apathy in order to become more empathetic. By reinforcing humanity instead of nationalism, and worldly patriotism instead of patriotic nationalism, we turn the tables on both xenophobia and apathy and we become more compassionate and empathetic toward others. When we celebrate diversity instead of trying to cram the square peg of colonialism into the round hole of cultural affiliation, we turn the tables on the monkey-mind’s one-dimensional moral tribalism and we usher in Joshua Greene’s multi-dimensional metamorality.

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10 Things You Don’t Wan’t To Know About Yourself



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“Freedom is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear.” ~George Orwell

Sick of all those self-affirmation articles? Tired of all the self-help gurus blowing sunshine up your skirt? Need something a little more grounding? More down-to-earth? More humbling? Here’s a fresh batch of wake-up calls and kicks-in-the-shin straight from the oven. Get it while its hot…

1.) You are an animal:

“What a chimera then is humankind. What a novelty; what a monster, what a chaos.” ~Blaise Pascal
This one is painfully obvious, but you probably need a reminder.

You are a naked ape. You are blood and bones and improbable apposable thumbs. You were born from the womb and you will one day be food for worms. In the womb, you went through all the phases of evolution: from a single-celled amoeba to a multicellular tadpole to a brain-wielding infant.

In your short life, you will piss and shit and bleed. You will rage and cry and sleep. You will go through all the profane motions of being a mortal mammal within an amoral universe. And here’s the real kick in the teeth: it’s going to hurt like hell. Hope you have a good sense of humor, because you’re going to need it.

2.) You are fallible:

“Things fall apart. The center cannot hold.” ~W.B. Yeats

You are terribly imperfect. You will make mistakes. More so, you are mistaken about a great many things. Most of which you will probably never admit to yourself, because admitting you are wrong is one of the most difficult things a human being can do.

But it goes deeper than that. There are fallibilities within fallibilities. It’s a veritable fractal forest of fallibility. A fractal wrongness, if you will.

You are more wrong about things than you can possibly imagine, and yet you insist. You force your wrongness. You are fierce with it, ruthlessly certain with it. You are so hungry for rightness that you bludgeon the Truth with your wrongness. All the while imagining that you are right.

As it turns out, you are more likely to be right by admitting that you are probably wrong than by declaring that you are probably right.

3.) You are a hypocrite:

“You have not learned to play and mock the way a man ought to play and mock. Are we not always seated at a great table for play and mockery? Learn to laugh at yourselves as a man ought to laugh. Learn to laugh beyond yourselves, and learn to laugh well.” ~Nietzsche

You are a hypocrite by nature. By the fact that you perceive an unfathomable reality with fallible faculties. It’s not even your fault. Just the fact that you are a “you” precludes hypocrisy. The self is smoke and mirrors, masks and mayhem. More akin to a chaotic theater of actors than a single personality.

Indeed, the self is masks all the way down perceiving delusions all the way up. Hypocrisy was always inevitable. Merely the biproduct of a fallible self.

Amidst this mayhem of fallible selfhood, you will experience dissimulation and self-deception, dishonesty and deep pretension, inauthenticity and artificiality. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The rest is hidden beneath layer upon layer of subconscious/unconscious double-dealings, feigned sincerity, two-faced unctuousness, and the mealymouthed choruses of canting contradictions.

Your hypocrisy knows no bounds, so you might as well own up to it.

4.) You will fail:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” ~Samuel Beckett

Failure is a given when you are merely a fallible, hypocritical animal going through the motions of living life in an uncertain universe.

But there is wisdom hidden in failure if you are keen to it. Setbacks can be transformed into steppingstones. Tragedy can be hardwired into comedy. Catastrophe can be whittled into accomplishment. You can build a ladder out of the shattered pieces of your life and climb out of the abyss.

But guess what? You will probably fail again. The higher you climb the farther you may fall. When it comes to failure, there is always a deeper abyss. Defeat, hard luck, and utter collapse are right around the corner. Disappointment is Accomplishment’s kissing cousin. Tragedy is Triumph’s red-headed stepchild. Today’s achievement could very well be tomorrow’s tripwire. So be it. Use it all as a sharpening stone for your all-too-mortal soul.

5.) You are never not broken:

“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.” ~M.C. Escher

Wholeness does not imply perfection. It infers embracing brokenness as an essential part of being human. There is never a state in which you are not broken.
You are a walking, talking broken heart going through the motions of breaking apart and coming back together again. This also applies to the mind, the body, and the soul. You are constantly in a state of repair.

Your suffering is sufferable. What’s insufferable is your ideal of perfection. There will always be pain. There will always be heartache. There will always be existential angst. We wreck ourselves against these. Then we knock out the dents, mend the cracks, and heal the wounds. We do this in the hope that it will make us stronger. But perhaps it won’t.
The wound may or may not become a sacred wound. All you can do is hurt, heal, and hope. Hurt, heal, and hope. From fragility to robustness to antifragility, you will always be in a state of falling apart and coming back together again. Embrace it.

6.) You have a dark side:

“There are no shortcuts to wholeness. The only way to become whole is to put our arms lovingly around everything we know ourselves to be: self-serving and generous, spiteful and compassionate, cowardly and courageous, treacherous and trustworthy. We must be able to say, ‘I am all of the above.’” ~Parker J. Palmer

You have a shadow. Even your shadow has a shadow called the golden shadow. Your shadow is your repressed or unconscious self, struggling to be liberated and more conscious. Awareness is key. Becoming aware of our shadow side is shining a light into the darkness and giving our dark side permission to shine its blacklight back into the blinding light, which creates a unity of opposites.
An empowered dark side balances out the equation of the complicated human condition. Without this balance, you risk fragile one-dimensionality and a brittle ego terrified of taking responsibility for its shadow and thus fearful of the shadow of others.

You cannot fully know yourself without knowing your dark side and embracing your shadow. Such wholeness breeds wisdom and the ability to experience the full range of what it means to be human.

7.) Your beliefs limit you:

“If you adopt an idea or perception as the absolute truth, you close the door of your mind. Attachment to views, attachment to ideas, attachment to perceptions are the biggest obstacle to truth.” ~The Buddha

Your beliefs are incredibly restricting. You’ve been indoctrinated to think that you need to believe. Even worse, you’ve been brainwashed to believe more than you think.

In the battle against bewitchment, all beliefs, no matter how powerful or well-intended, are a hinderance to clear thought and self-improvement.

tter to think rather than believe. Thinking that something might be true allows for error, fallibility, and wrongness. Believing that something is certainly true cuts us off from all other possibilities. Belief is all or nothing, predicated upon faith despite facts or evidence. Thought is open-ended, taking beliefs, facts, and evidence into deep consideration and then using probability and validity to discover the truth.

More importantly, thinking rather than believing allows for skepticism and questioning. It is considered blasphemous to question a belief. Whereas questioning a thought is considered appropriate. Might as well just skip belief altogether and simply take things into thoughtful consideration.

8.) You are culturally conditioned:

“When war turns whole populations into sleepwalkers, outlaws don’t join forces with alarm clocks. Outlaws, like poets, rearrange the nightmare.” ~Tom Robbins

You are programmed to think a certain way. This programming has propped-up your identity into perceiving a particular worldview that may or may not be based in reality. It might not even be healthy. This identity tied up in your worldview is an abstraction of an abstraction, a story within a story that you’ve convinced yourself is true.

But you have the power to reprogram your programming.

We are all conditioned by culture. The key is to become aware of it and to weigh our conditioning against the truth of reality. Then recondition the conditioning. We each have our own Plato’s Cave to navigate.

The extent to which you can become aware of your own “cave” will be the extent of your flexibility, open-mindedness, and personal freedom.

9.) You know less than you think:

“Some people are more certain of everything than I am of anything.” ~Robert Rubin

You think you know more than you actually do. Your certainty about a great many things limits your imagination, creative thinking, and ability to question. It leads to dogmatic reasoning and close-mindedness.

ou are just so certain, aren’t you? Your certitude is so powerful that you cannot see past your beliefs. Hung up on what you’ve found, you have given up the search. Your journey has come to an end. Your certainty has led you to a dead-end. You are stuck. And the only way out is to question what you think you know.

The more you question, the more you realize that the only answer that makes any sense is to keep questioning. When you stop questioning the journey for truth comes to an end and stagnation, sloth, and dogmatism begin to rule your world. Keep things in perspective by accepting that you know less than you think you do and keep questioning.

10.) Your life is terribly inconsequential:

“Don’t slip on the banana peel of nihilism, even while listening to the roar of Nothingness.” ~Lawrence Ferlinghetti

When it comes down to it, your life is a flash in the pan. It’s dust in the cosmic wind. It’s an infinitesimally insignificant spark in an unfathomably dark, unforgiving, and meaningless universe. But it is a spark.

What you do won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. But it’s very important that you do it anyway. Why? Because you are the universe attempting to become aware of itself. You are an awareness machine in an otherwise unaware cosmos. You are a meaning-generator in a reality void of meaning. You might be nothing more than a speck in the universe, but you are also the entire universe in a speck.

Either way, you will one day be dust. Your tiny insignificant life will end. Face that fleetingness with a fierceness. Laugh into the abyss. Face fear with fearlessness. Climb the highest mountain and kick God in the nuts. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Or not. None of it will matter in the end. You will still be the butt-end of the cosmic joke. It’s all laughable. So you might as well have a laugh.

Gary Z McGee, Self-inflicted Philosophy, republished here with permission.

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