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British Lion Tamer Faces Protests



The Last lion tamer in Britain stubbornly continues performing his big cat show even while facing protesters.

If you pay attention to what is going on all over the world people are quickly waking up to the corruption and crimes that we have committed against the animal kingdom.

Some activist protestors have decided that the taming of wild cats is something that is inhumane, uncalled for, and it is overdue to end. Hear what they have to say in this news report.

All animals deserve freedom, respect, and fair rights. Why is it that humans and even pets have rights that other animals, such as wildlife and domesticated animals do not? Where is their voice and protection?

character-is-how-you-treat-those-who-can-do-nothing-for-youThe heroes of this story ensure us that they will not stop protesting until the cruelty of the lion tamer becomes a part of history. What are we doing here in the U.S. to stop wildlife cruelty?

There was public outrage for Cecil the lion and then it appears that over exposure caused people to once again turn a blind eye. If you want the reports to stop then we have to work together in order to make sure this level of cruelty toward the animal kingdom is stopped.

We are all connected, how can we expect to live a peaceful life when we are allowing and sometimes even paying to fund these type of activities?

Confused as to what it is that you can do to help? Here are some ideas: spread awareness, stop going to circuses, zoos and other organizations that profit off of animal suffering. Vote for and demand that all animals both wild and domestic have fair rights.

Most of all make sure that you honor nature by protecting natural habitats so that these beings have a place to call home.

What do you think we should do to stop animal cruelty? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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