Russell Brand Breaks Down Some Of The Profound Truths Of Our Age In This Incredible Clip.

The Metaphysical world is something everyone needs to explore according to Russell Brand.  There is a lot more going on in this world than our senses can even pick up so who is to say that there are not vibrations or parts of this reality that are beyond our 5 senses? With that same trail of thought, it is reasonable to believe that there are vibrations beyond the scientific instruments that we have created as well.

Science is designed to measure reality by using what we can pick up with our 5 senses and our instruments.  But we can only perceive a limited spectrum of sound, light, smells, tastes and vibrations. If we want to expand and evolve beyond ourselves we need to explore the metaphysical and spiritual realms as well.

Check out how boldly Russell shares his views on spirituality in this compilation of interviews that he took part in.

What is incredible about this man is that he is using his fame to wake people up.  He is helping to direct the masses to ask valid questions, to think outside of limits, and to open their hearts to others.

If we are going to change this world then we need to change how we think and act. People who are in positions of influence have a big responsibility to raise awareness and encourage others to expand their consciousness.

Society can learn a lot from how bold Russell is with his views, how much he works on himself, and the time he puts into staying informed on important global topics. All that effort means that way he much less likely to be fooled by other people or the deception of the media.

When you are grounded, present and balanced within yourself then you will not be fooled by the media or limited perspectives.  Your creative mind will see solutions for things that everyone else has given up on and you will start changing this world.

If everyone can begin being a bit more like Russell Brand, in each of their own unique ways, we will accelerate the growth and expansion of consciousness on this planet.

What did Russell Brand inspire in you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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