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This Abandoned Pit Bull With Terminal Cancer Gets the Royal Treatment



King the adorable pit bull puppy doesn’t have a long time left to live.  Unfortunately, he has an inoperable tumor on his spine.  The tumor is expected to keep growing which will cause King to loose more of his mobility and potentially end up killing this 7-month-old pit bull in the next few months.

The good news is that there are some incredible people that are making sure that he has the most wonderful life while he is still around.

King’s new foster mom, Liz Fratea, has planned a lot of epic bucket list adventures for this  little doggie such as going to the beach, boat rides, attending Fort Lauderdale’s pro-pit bull rally, puppy play dates and going to Legoland.

For better or worse Liz has been spoiling King with little treats maximizing his experience here on earth.

“He has become an addict for Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets,” Fratea said. “Slowly, we’re checking things off the list.”

Because King has started to loose mobility these awesome and kind hearted people have given him new wheels.  Check out this adorable video where he shows them off!

Around a month ago King, who was known as Zeus back then, was rescued by the nonprofit Southwest Florida organization Passion 4 Pits.  Other injured and disabled pups were also rescued at the same event such as the sweet pit bull Khalessi with half a face.

King was paralyzed as a young pup but that doesn’t stop him from bouncing around and enjoying his life.  Unfortunately, his original owners left him at the Miami City Animal Shelter seemingly untreated.

5627d9701400002200c7a7e6He was adopted, but the family contacted the shelter saying that it wasn’t going to work out because their other job didn’t like having King around.

That is when someone with a big heart took action.  Someone from the shelter contacted Stephanie Paquin who was the founder of Passion 4 Pits and asked for her help.

“I wanted to try to help him,” Paquin said.

King was quickly brought to the vet to find out why he wasn’t able to use his back legs.  That is when everyone found out how sick he really was.  They tried all of the typical treatments such as surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy but his tumor was unresponsive said Carrie O’Brion who speaks for BluePearl Veterinary Partners where King was treated.

“The best treatment is to make the dog comfortable and happy,” O’Brion said.

Liz Fratea, Kings new mommy was working as a vet tech at the clinic when he was brought in and quickly decided to give him the best life she could.  Everyone has joined forces to make sure that King is getting lots of love, fun, and yummy treats.

5627e4c81400002a00c7a804Those who rescued him said that knowing his prognosis has changed nothing for them.  Even though they know he doesn’t have long to live they still would have rescued him and made sure he has a great life.

“I would not have hesitated. Even knowing how sick he is he did not deserve to die alone,” Paquin said.

These people truly have big hearts and recognize the deep connection between all living beings.

King still has a long list of fun things to do.  You can follow his progress on King’s Facebook page, make suggestions for his bucket list adventures or help him out financially here.

King doesn’t seem to realize that anything out of the ordinary is going on.  All he knows is that he is having a great time while he is alive.

This spirited little guy enjoys his adventures, special food, hanging out with his family at home, playing and racing around his yard with his cute little wheelchair and bossing around the 5 other dogs he lives with.

“He definitely runs the show,” she said. “He’s so happy.”



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