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The Girl Who Remembers Her 10 Most Recent Lives



Can you image what it would be like to be born with the ability to remember a past life?  What if you were born with the ability to remember 10 past lives?  Can you image the advantage of life experience you would carry within you?

Meet Joey Verwey, ever since she was about 3 years old she began telling her family the amazingly detailed experiences from 10 of her past lives.  Her various reincarnation stories were so detailed and unusual that there was no way she could have made it up on her own.

Since she was little reporters, researchers, parapsychologists, past life recall experts and reincarnation experts were at her door asking to work with her.  They have spent a lot of time looking into her past lives and verifying as many of them as possible.

maxresdefaultJoey Verwey’s first life was as a cave dwelling humanoid from around 200 million years ago.  She actually remembers leaving bone and stone tools in a cave and having an experience where she was chased by a dinosaur.  Even though she had never been there in her current life she was able to bring researchers to the caves she remembers from her past time down in South Africa.

The caves just happened to be the same caves where the Royal Society Fellow, Robert Bloom, made the famous discovery of the missing link between apes and humans, the Australopithecus Africanus.

Twice Joey remembers living as a slave in Egypt.  She can give very detailed accounts of the slave galley on the ships and how the ancient Egyptians paved their stone roads.

In another life, she remembers wearing a heavy veil on her face and seeing an elephant with a carriage carrying a princess.

During the Roman Emperor Nero’s horrible reign, Joey remembers being a persecuted Christian during the first century.  She may even have met Saint Peter himself.

In another life in South Africa early in the 1900’s Joey remembers growing up as the grandchild of President Paul Kruger.  She also remembers having 10 children and 2 husbands.  Upon investigation of this incredible story, the life was found and it was discovered that one of her children was still alive and in her 90s.

When Joey was 5 years old she met her daughter from a previous life.  The woman said that young Joey instantly reminded her of her mother and the two had a long conversation about the elaborate details of their past life together.

Check out this video below to learn more about Joey and her incredible experiences with reincarnation.

Do you remember any of your past lives?  Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.


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