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Heartwarming Social Experiment with Gifts Shows What Christmas Is Actually about



The Christmas Gift Experiment

British TV channel Christmas 24 has conducted an amazing social experiment to remind people what Christmas is actually about.

For the purpose of the experiment, a huge gift-shaped phone box was installed in Birmingham New Street train station. In the beginning, people seemed to ignore the phonebox even despite its impressive size, bright color and a catchy sign offering free presents. However, when the telephone started ringing and someone decided to answer it, something wonderful happened.

In the video provided by Christmas 24, we see how different people pick up the phone and hear a male voice asking them whether they’d like to have a free gift for Christmas. No surprise they all say ‘yes.’ Who would refuse a gift, especially in this festive season when the Christmas spirit inspires us to give presents to each other?

But it’s not as simple as it seems. When the gifts come out of the phone box, the mystery Santa on the phone tells people that they are not intended for them. Some look confused and disappointed, saying that it’s not fair and asking “why.” Father Christmas then reveals that it’s because “presents are for giving, not for receiving” and tells people they should deliver the gift to someone inside the station.

Needless to say, this causes a good amount of confusion, both in those who talk to Santa on the phone and in gift recipients, who suddenly see random strangers running up to them with gift boxes. However, when people finally realize what’s going on and open the presents, they look really touched by this spontaneous act of kindness. Those who deliver the gifts are no less happy when they see a genuine joy on the other person’s face and receive a sincere “thank you.” In the end, they hug and wish each other a merry Christmas.

This is what Thuy Nguyen, who participated in the experiment, told Birmingham Mail,

When I realized the gift was meant for someone else, I was surprised. But seeing the gentleman’s reaction when he opened the scarf was wonderful. Being able to bring a little happiness to someone I had never met before was a lovely feeling and what Christmas should be all about.”

Watch the video below to see the heartwarming reaction of people in the moment they receive gifts from strangers:

Image credit: Christmas24

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