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Japanese Horoscope: What your Blood Type Says about You!



According to the Japanese Horoscope, your blood type says a lot about your personality and relationship compatibility. It is common for people in Japan to ask what your blood type is to determine how you will act or interact with their type. They even sell personality books in Japan that will teach you all about your particular blood type.

Blood types are based on what type of antigens you have on your red blood cells. Type A blood will have type A antigens, type B blood has B Antigens, AB blood type both types of antigen and type O doesn’t have any antigens.

If you have ever given blood or had your blood drawn then your doctor may have told you your unique blood type. This is important information because not all blood types can be mixed safely. If you have type O blood and you receive type AB the blood can coagulate and you can have serious health problems and may even die from it.

Could it be possible that your unique blood type could say something about how you act and interact with other people? Find your blood type on the list below and see if it matches your personality!


Type A

If you have the A blood type then according to the Japanese you are able to use your deep-rooted strength to stay calm when there is chaos around. While everyone else is panicking or giving up you are still going strong. You are comfortable around other people but tend to be peaceful and avoid confrontation. You are more likely to be introverted or withdrawn than the other personality types.

You seek peace and harmony while tending to be kind and polite. However, the downside is that you feel like you don’t really fit in well with others.  People like you and rely on you because you are very dependable. You are creative, artistic and tend to be both sensitive and focused on perfection.

This personality is most closely related to the “type A” personality and can be very conscientious and stressed.

Also according to the Japanese Blood Type Horoscope Type A is most compatible with type AB and other A’s.

Type B

Blood type B tends to be the most practical of the groups. They are often good at whatever they choose to do because they take extra care in their projects and work hard to understand each part of their work. When they focus they often hyper focus all of their attention and they see all the details.

Type B is great at follow through and is often able to accomplish the seemingly impossible as they reach their goals. However, since they focus more on thoughts than feeling they can sometimes be perceived as too serious or even cold. This personality it often unconventional, relaxed, and feel willed.  They have good intentions but can get caught up in their impulses.

According to the Japanese Blood Type Horoscope Type B is most compatible with type AB and other B’s.

Type AB

Blood type AB is the hardest to categorize. They seem to be both extremes in personalities at the same time. For example, they will be both outgoing and shy and can switch from one to the other quickly. They are responsible and trustworthy and aren’t able to handle their obligations when too much is placed on them. They don’t mind helping everyone out but it has to work with their work and stress load.

Type AB often is interested in metaphysics and art.  In Japan AB is considered to be the worst of the blood types to be in a relationship with because they are hard to predict. They will set their own expectations for events and people and if they aren’t met they will drop out of the deal. However, they are also known for being considerate and sensitive.

AB is compatible with any of the other blood types.

Type O

O type blood people are energetic, social and outgoing. They are the more flexible and adaptive of all the blood types. They have an easy time starting up great projects but struggle with follow through and will sometimes give up too easily. They are not known for being consistent or dependable long term.

O types are very open and will say whatever is on their mind. They value other people’s opinions and enjoy being at the center of social groups. They are also known for being confident. People in Japan like to see this blood type as the best one to have.

Type O blood is said to be compatible with other O’s and AB blood.

Did you find it to be accurate? Let us know in the comments below.


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