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The Best Way To Survive and Thrive As an Empath



Many people feel that being an Empath is a curse. They view the extra sensitivity as an issue that they need to numb out from, or shield, in order to survive in society today. As our awareness and sensitivity increase, we can become overwhelmed with the new things that we begin perceiving.

While some of the things we start to notice are easy to change such as eating more healthy, loving and caring our bodies, and cleaning up our environment, there are other areas such as emotions and feelings that still appear hard to navigate.

When we pick up on other people’s strong emotions it can become hard to tell the difference between what we are feeling and what others are projecting. This confusion can hurt on a physical level as our bodies think the sadness, fear, pain, or excitement is happening to us and our cells begin flushing us with chemical emotions known as hormones. These emotions can make life difficult, cloudy and at times unbearable.

Since society is still learning about what it means to be a sensitive empath the most common response to these strong emotions is to numb out. When we numb out we actually become part of the problem that we face as empaths. Numbing out creates a disconnection and blatant disregard for our true selves and those around us, which unfortunately, is how narcissistic are formed.

So what do we do? We can feel the pain, struggles and issues of this world like a pile of rocks on our backs and yet we find we aren’t supposed to numb out. So the next most common thing that empaths try is shielding. This is actually just a fancy word for consciously numbing out.

So when all else fails the super sensitive empath will isolate, become a hermit or immerse themselves in distraction techniques. These techniques can be everything from drugs and alcohol to obsessively checking your phone.

When an empath is feeling especially good they will often find other more useful techniques such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, running, exercise, breathing, becoming present, spending time with happy people, and collecting things that help clean energy such as burning sage and carrying selenite crystals.

lotusThese empaths find that they cannot spend a lot of time around people who are negative and sling hurtful energy around like a child with an invisible whip. After a while, empaths will become drained and often end up in physical pain.

There is a new technique I have found, however, that changes the whole world of an empath and makes it possible for us to live in a clouded society free from pain, stay balanced, and actually help others.

When an empath isn’t balanced and they try to help relieve the pain in those around them they sometimes end up creating more problems unintentionally. This is why I strongly recommend you take a moment to learn this technique and then master it as quickly as possible. The world needs more balanced empathic healers.

Observer Consciousness

In order to navigate the crazy world we live in and create an air of peace and balance, we cannot seek after the highs such as excess excitement. If you are anything like me your extreme highs result in extreme lows as the universe returns to balance. What goes up must come down.

Instead, focus on creating a new perspective in your mind where you are neither high nor low, a third perspective known as neutral observer mode consciousness is key to surviving as an empath. This is most easily attained by using mindfulness meditation techniques. Whenever you can, choose peace by becoming fully present, feel your 5 senses, and become neutral.

When you are neutral you will be able to observe yourself and your surroundings from a new third point of view that is free from the bias of emotion. Emotions are chemical based and can become extreme or even fear based. Feelings are a higher set of sensations that aren’t chemically based and are often seen as intuition. In order to clearly tell if you are feeling intuition or emotion, you need to become neutral.

Becoming neutral helps with overactive minds. Thoughts become quieter as you slow your mind down in order to observe your 5 senses too, making it easier to think clearly.

Use your daily balancing techniques such as drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, yoga, meditation, crystals, smudging, and exercise to keep yourself as balanced as possible. Then practice becoming neutral so that you can clearly observe your emotions and the emotions of others.

If you are having a hard time becoming neutral and observing your emotions from a higher plane of egoless awareness try pausing between impulses and action in order to gain more control. For example, if you feel an itch, don’t jump to scratch it. Instead, observe the sensation of the itching and the wanting to satisfy it by scratching. You can still scratch the itch just make sure you are conscious of it first.

When you create this pause you gain the self-mastery or control you need to choose how to respond when things are uncomfortable. Through embracing the uncomfortable feelings and sensations that come your way you will be more equipped to respond instead of reacting when powerful emotions come your way.

When you are present and navigating the world from a neutral space the emotions being projected by others flow through and around you but do not stick. When you are too positive or negative you will find that you attract strong emotions from others and they only amplify your own emotions. When you are neutral they can flow on their way and you pass through without being harmed while also having the sensitivity to see the pain and assist in resolving it.

Just like a shaman, empaths could benefit from healing and balancing themselves first then they will be more able to clearly see what is coming from someone else and aid others in their own rebalancing.

What techniques have you found that help you navigate the flow of the universe as an empath? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

Bonus Meditation- Try this technique to better get into observer consciousness. 

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