With green technology on the rise, new ideas are emerging that bridge modern technology with the awesome and sustainable feel of nature. Mapu Guaquén the sound of the earth project has created wireless speakers from handmade clay.


The clay is crafted from traditional Chilean clay pots which are then outfitted with modern wireless audio technology.


The whole design is then finished with terra sigillata.



This unique design has a beautiful earthy sound that truly bridges the world of innovative technology with ancient clay tradition.


As the project moves forward and the design is perfected we hope that it will one day be for sale worldwide showing companies that they can return to tradition while still enjoying modern technology.


Having an item in your home that is hand made feels completely different than buying something from a factory. Not only do you know that you are supporting someone’s artisan craft but you can feel the hours of love that they fold into the design.


Doesn’t the idea of being surrounded in a world full of love and quality feel much better than the idea of being surrounded in high amounts of cheap quantity?

Here is a quick video from the designer talking about how he feels that this is the most important project that he has ever worked on.




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