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8 Alternative Holidays to Celebrate in Line With the Stars: Creating New Traditions



An important part of building a free people’s culture independent from the system is creating new traditions.

Similar to how classic movies are constantly being remade and no original ideas seem to be happening in that realm, why are we choosing to celebrate holidays invented centuries ago? When we don’t create new traditions, things get stale.

As growing one’s own food or living independent of the system solidifies our culture of freedom, as does creating our own holidays. Any action of a people to create their own culture, their own ways of doing things, is an exercise in creating the world we want to live in, being strong and independent from the unwanted influence of the powerful classes of people.

This article will propose 8 new holidays to celebrate in place of the traditional Western holidays. Although it may start off slow celebrating these, with only you and perhaps a small group of people hesitantly participating in celebrations at the request of one person, this could really become a thing: and if you don’t like these holidays, create your own.

In this era, we need original ideas, the true spark of creativity, and we need to construct our own culture and ways of living to truly be independent from the system, as insignificant as the concept of holidays may seem to that.

March 21: True New Year

The equinox is a perfect day to consider New Years Day, as it is the beginning of the Zodiac with the Sun leaving Pisces, the final sign (or 30 degree division of the ecliptic plane in the sky), and entering Aries. The Equinox is when the Sun touches the first point of Aries.

It makes astronomical, natural sense to consider Aries the first sign. That’s because the Equinox is when day and night are equal on Earth: therefore it’s not a man-made idea that this is the beginning of the zodiac, but it’s something based on the way Earth is already.

If you believe in astrology, Aries is characteristically the youngest feeling sign, and the final sign, Pisces, feels characteristically the oldest. That’s a simple way to phrase it, but it’s really like that.

Pisces is where everything becomes an ocean of feeling and imagination, and toward the end of Pisces in March, a feeling of intuition coming to a dreamy head occurs annually around March 15- 20th, until the first point of Aries is reached, and a newborn feeling suddenly pops into the day.

A newborn, young feeling seems to occur every year after the Equinox, so I think it’s the most appropriate time to consider it a New Year.

July 3rd: Heart Day of Sirius

You might wonder why the next holiday skips all the way from March to July. That’s because if you celebrate the energies of Aries, Gemini, or Taurus, you’d be celebrating energies that the Earth has more than enough of: what this world really needs is heart, compassion, and care, which is the energy of Cancer in July. These holidays skip certain energies in favor of what the world really lacks and what I personally feel is worth celebrating.

One could design their own holidays in April, May, and June based around the youthful fire of Aries, the grounded, comfort and material loving Taurus, or the communicating, outgoing Gemini energy, but to keep this list short and sweet, I’m choosing to make holidays based around the energy the Earth needs right now to create a better future, not necessarily what humanity already has in abundance.

So the Heart Day of Sirius is a holiday based around doing good things for people. It’s a day of helping people who need it, giving people a hug, showing compassion and care for people who need it most.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, located south of the constellation Cancer: near July 3rd, the Sun aligns with Sirius (as close as it can get on the ecliptic plane).

It’s a day you could celebrate by buying food and clothes for the homeless people in your neighborhood. It could be a day where you tell your family you love them, or do something nice for someone.

If you wanted to, you could give gifts, but seeing how holidays such as Christmas have been turned into consumerism, I would prefer just doing good things for people instead of buying people material things, unless the person is in need of that.

So try it if you will: even if no one cares to celebrate it with you, spend the day doing good things for others, expressing care and love for other people and helping out. The energy in the air is ripe for this type of thing every year: the Sun rays are imbued with caring Cancer energy at this time.

August 3rd: Life Day of Acubens

Around August 3rd, the Sun is in the center of Leo: the sign of the Sun. When the Sun is in the center of the sign of the Sun, there is a warm, human, sunny feeling flowing through the air.

I think this is a ripe day to appreciate life itself, and to ponder what life really is: what reality is, what life is, and what death is.

It’s August 3rd because that is the day the Sun conjoins the star Acubens in Leo, but personally because of my friend Joshua Paniagua. August 3rd was his birthday, and he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 24 this year. He was a person who was trying to figure out the meaning of life, what life is, and what death is throughout his life. He was a creator of countless albums of music, a writer with the Anti Media and the Mind Unleashed, and a person who poured out ideas and “Sun.”

On this day, people can celebrate music, art, creation, pondering the meaning of life, thinking, learning, and anything that involves paying respect to creation itself. Leo is the sign of the Sun, the light that illuminates every planet and everything, the core energy that composes everything: Leo is about crafts, art, music, creation, ect.

It could be a day observed quietly in introspection, alone without any work to do, thinking deep, listening to music, remembering what we personally believe about what life and death are.

August 23rd: Warrior Day of Regulus

On August 23rd every year, the Sun conjoins the bright blue star Regulus, recognized as an important star for thousands of years by many cultures of people.

This is the holiday of the activist. Regulus is the closest star to the belt of the ecliptic, the belt the Sun and all planets travel on (the belt of the Zodiac), and so on this day, the Sun actually aligns with the star Regulus almost exactly. There is no bright star the Sun can align with this perfectly.

Regulus is traditionally the star of Leo, the star of the Sun, and it has been associated with the warrior, standing up for what a person believes in, great power and warmth, for centuries.

In astrology, people like Martin Luther King Jr. had prominent Regulus in their astrology charts. He was born to a generation of revolutionaries born in the late 20’s and early 30’s, who all had the energy of Leo/Regulus embedded in their imagination, spiritual vision, and deeper inspiration (Neptune). This generation was born with Neptune in Leo, their deeper imagination and vision in the sign of the Sun.

This is a day for activists to celebrate. This can be celebrated by holding an annual protest-like gathering in public, to flex the determination and unwavering strength of the people (for one idea).

On this day, the energy in the air is ripe for any kind of activism, warrior-like determination, or action demanding fire and energy. This is a day to take fiery action about something, and express the power of the people to stand up for what they believe in.

October 16th: Unity Day of Spica

On this day, the energy in the air is ripe for unity: social interaction between people, unity and strong community between people. The energy of Libra, of community and unity culminates into a peak every year on October 16th when the Sun conjoins Spica, the brightest star in Libra.

Spica is an interesting star astronomically. It is actually 2 egg shaped white dwarf stars, orbiting each other so closely and rapidly they are warped into egg shapes, and they appear to be one star to the naked eye.

It illustrates the code of consciousness, the cycle of astrology, how perfectly the activist-like, sunny warrior energy of Leo crystallizes into solid form when the Sun enters Virgo in September, and then the crystallized fire turns into social unity and community in Libra season.

It goes: warm activist energy of Leo in August, then the spark of energy is refined and solidified into a solid, tangible form in the Virgo season of September (for example, an activist group creating plans and tangibly building things out of the spark they felt before), and then once the structure is built, a Libra energy of social unity and community comes in October.

This is a day where months of planning can come to a place of harmony and fruition: a day of friends and community.

To celebrate this day, people can have large gatherings of people, and do things with their friends and family. Large gatherings, community events, everyone out in the neighborhood communicating and feeling friendship: that’s what this day is ripe for.

This could be like the “other Christmas”: since community is in the air, it would be a great time to give gifts, rejoice, and feel appreciation for friends and family.

January 10th: Discipline Day of Deneb

This might not be the most fun holiday, but it’s a great idea for anyone who is ambitious, or trying to build something in life.

On January 10th, the Sun conjoins the bright star Deneb in Capricorn: another star revered since ancient times as a warrior star, a star of discipline, structure, and work.

Capricorn is all about work and discipline. So on this day, people could challenge themselves to work as hard as they possibly can on something they truly want to accomplish, not a job working for someone else that doesn’t actually feel fulfilling.

One could challenge themselves to work as hard and long as they can on something they truly care about, from morning til night, pushing a hard line with all the energy they have. And after this day, maybe they would have broken through to a new spark of inspiration or idea.

In the next season, Aquarius season in February, that’s where all the sparks of creativity and inspiration come into play: first a structure placed by discipline and focus is solidified in Capricorn season, and then the stage is set for sparks of inspiration in February Aquarius season, and then a deep, imaginative, intuitive ocean of March Pisces season.

February 11th: Thinker Day of Deneb Algedi

This is the Aquarius day of Deneb Algedi, the brightest star in Aquarius: a white dwarf star full of electricity and mental inspiration. Aquarius is the sign of the thinker, the revolutionary, the scientist, the master of information.

So at this time, an electric, jolty energy that wants to think and learn fills the air. This is a ripe time to research, read, learn, write, and let sparks of inspiration fly.

So on this day, one could celebrate it by being alone and researching as hard as they can.

They could go to a search engine and research anything: just type something into your search engine, find some page to read, get another spark of inspiration and read about another thing that becomes interesting, and keep doing this until you’ve spent all day learning new things and expanding the mind.

This is a day for learning, thinking, reading, researching, and pushing oneself to learn new things: also a really ripe day for creating things, writing, making music, and letting creativity flow.

March 12th: Markab Day of the Arts

On this day, the Sun conjoins Markab. Markab is a star in Pisces, near the very end of the Zodiac. It’s a star of imagination, intuition, creativity, appreciation of music and the arts, as is Pisces.

This is a day to rest and appreciate music and the arts: a day to listen to music all day, to play music with your friends, to rest and feel the imagination, the ocean of creativity that Pisces is.

So that summarizes the Acubens Society of Freedom holidays. That’s what I call it: the Acubens Society of Freedom is not much of a developed thing yet, and it won’t be a centralized, or cult-like set of ideas, but it will be a set of templates that might inspire more people to create their own culture. I will write more about it in the future.

If you refuse to celebrate a holiday based around consumption, you’ll be taking tangible action to remove power from the corporations that benefit from such consumption. Spikes of profit for corporations who solidify and ground the system in place occur annually during holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, ect.

This is an idea to create original culture, original ways of living that we create from our own imagination, as opposed to following the culture and ways already set for us.

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